Home Article After divorced with Wayne Brady in 2008 is Mandie Taketa dating with anyone.?

After divorced with Wayne Brady in 2008 is Mandie Taketa dating with anyone.?

Updated On 20 Jan, 2019 Published On 02 Oct, 2016
After divorced with Wayne Brady in 2008 is Mandie Taketa dating with anyone.?

Mandie Taketa, after her divorce with Wayne Brady, has not been seen with any other guy till date. She might still have feelings for Wayne. 

Wayne Brady is an American talk show host best known for the show “Whose Lines Is It Anyway”. Mandie Taketa married Wayne in 1999.

Wayne met Mandie Taketa in a musical revue based in Oahu, Hawaii where he was hired for work. Mandie and Wayne started dating since then and after the revue closed, they moved to Los Angeles and later got married in 1999.

Mandie Taketa Married Wayne Brady in 1999 After His Divorce

Mandie Taketa married Wayne in 1999 after dating for few years. They were undoubtedly one of the hottest couples at that time.

Mandie Taketa with her husband Wayne Brady

In 2012 Mandie announced her pregnancy with husband Wayne and 2013, Mandie gave birth to their first child, Maile Masako Brady.

Mandie Taketa and Wayne Brady Divorce

Everything was not fine with the adorable pair and things started to derail and later in 2006, Mandie and Wayne filed for a divorce and got separated. 

After two years of separation finally, their divorce got finalized in April 2008 citing irreconcilable difference as the cause of divorce.

Mandie Taketa, Wayne Brady, and their daughter
SOURCE: Showbiz Post

Despite their divorce, Mandie bought a new home next to Wayne's house so that their daughter will never get the negative vibes of their parents being separated. Also, parenting their daughter would be easier. Wayne Brady publicly said that,

“We said we want to give Maile the closest experience of living in the same house. We have always lived in different homes. We just live super close now. The fact of the matter is I like Mandie … she was with me when no one else in the world was with me, except my mom. There was loyalty, there was trust, she is my baby mama.”

Wayne Brady Rumored Of Being A Gay Due To His Unsuccessful Love Relationship

After Wayne and Mandie ended their 7-year relationship Wayne was rumored to be dating with an American singer Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas. However, due to his failed relationship with women, Wayne was reportedly rumored of being gay.

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The suicide of comedian Robin Williams, who was one his close acquaintance hit him hard and which resulted, depression and a complete breakdown in his life.

Ex-wife Mandie Helped Wayne Brady To Overcome Depression 

Leaving the past behind, Mandie was there for him during the hard times. Mandie helped him for his recovery.

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“It’s an understatement to say she’s my best friend in the world,” Adding “I’ve got a woman who may not be my wife but I’ve got a woman at my back that says, ‘If you touch him, I will cut you.‘”

Mandie admits that she is still a good friend with Wayne.

Is Mandie Taketa Dating Anyone?

Mandie is not rumored to be dating anyone as she keeps her personal life in a jar with closed lid. She does have multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts which are kept private but the sources say that she has posted pictures of luxurious cars, vacation trips, Dubsmash videos on her accounts.

Do Mandie and Wayne Brady Still Have A Chance Of Getting Remarried? 

It seems like Mandie and Wayne might still have feelings for each other as both of them are not hooking up with anyone else.

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They might need to take a time out, go for a family vacation or something like that so that they could spend much of their time together and see what it brings. Or for better, they can get remarried which we all would love to see.

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