Kelly Rebecca Nichols, also popularly known by her nickname Violet, is a less known personality as a celebrity but famous for her long time custody battle with the bombastic news personality and her ex-husband, Alex Jones.

After divorcing her husband, Kelly Nichols grabbed attention all over the media when she filed for sole custody for the couple's children claiming that Alex's mentally unstable and has done many felonies that required strict legal actions.

She didn't win the sole custody battle too and settled for joint custody. Now, she's moved on with her life and maintaining a low-key in the media.Let's find out what she's up to these days.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols, ex-wife of InfoWars host, Alex Jones lost the sole custody battle

Kelly, who walked away with an alimony of $43,000 per month losing her custody battle against the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, is living under the radar these days.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols and her ex-husband filed for divorce in 2015, Source: Corruptico

After the scandalous custody battle and several accusations, Kelly is remaining low-key these days. Since the past two months, she's not spoken anything regarding her personal life or about anything about her divorce and custody battle.


Although there was news back in April that Kelly had won the case getting the custody of their three children of ages 9, 12 and 14,  Alex immediately held a press conference on Friday, April 28, 2017, slamming the reports that said he lost the custody, reporting it to be completely false.


He made a public statement on NBC News on Friday afternoon,

"I want to respond to grossly inaccurate media reports that I lost custody of my children. My ex-wife went to trial asking for her to become the sole managing conservator of our kids and limit me to supervised access. The jury resoundingly rejected her request for sole custody and left us at the same place where we began this horrible journey."

The war between the couple heated up when Kelly Jone's attorney, Robert Hoffman, accused the radio host, Alex of intentionally using parental alienation syndrome- turning their children against their mother.

Kelly Nichols making her statement with NBC news, Source: Heavy

On contrary to this, Alex's attorney Randall Whilhite made allegations stating the Kelly Jones is and is emotionally unstable. The jury made the decision to grant the joint custody with alimony of $43,000.

Kelly Nichols on her interview, Source: YouTube

Well now as the matter seems to have settled down, we're still speculating the Kelly won't stay put with alimony and might sought for joint custody again. And as for the couple, it's best that both move on and make peace with each other.

Quick facts about Kelly Nichols

Source: Earnthenecklace
  • Born on July 2, 1968, and raised in Travis County, Texas, Kelly Nichols is the former wife of Info Wars host, Alex Jones.
  • She is born to Jewish parents, father Edmund Lowe Nichols and mother Sandra Kay Heiligman.
  • She has a younger brother, James Edmund Nichols and sister Jill Elizabeth Nichols.
  • Nichols was married to famous radio host and conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones since 2002. 
  • The couple got divorced in 2015 and after two years, in 2015, Kelly filed for sole custody of her three children claiming unstable behavior of Alex.
  • But she lost the custody battle and settled for $43,000 alimony.
  • She now lives alone with her parents in Texas.


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