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Inside Alicia Silverstone's Married Life: Everything to Know

Updated On 22 Mar, 2023 Published On 22 Mar, 2023
Inside Alicia Silverstone's Married Life: Everything to Know

Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Jarecki separated after thirteen years of marriage in 2018: The estranged pair share a son!

Alicia Silverstone's name is one of the many things that bring back the '90s nostalgia. Donning the iconic yellow plaid outfits and knee-high socks in the coming-of-age comedy Clueless, Silverstone efficiently and effortlessly defined the whole It Girl era. The blonde-haired actress's rising to become a household face also landed her on the cover of every other magazine, making her moreover iconic. Silverstone46, however, has been away from the spotlight for a while now, prompting questions about the actress's whereabouts and positions in Hollywood.  

Born on October 4, 1976, in San Francisco, California, Silverstone nabbed her first-ever acting role in the ABC sitcom, The Wonder Years, followed by her film debut in The Crush. More unnoticed roles went by before she starred as the dippy, but well-meaning blonde teenage, Cher Horowitz in 1995 Clueless. When away from the glitz of Hollywood, Silverstone is a fervent animal rights and environmental activist, and also a mother of one.  

Inside Alicia Silverstone's Married Life!   

Silverstone popped up in the headlines recently after the actress made a keen statement when asked if she is ready for a Blast From the Past sequel with actor Brandan Fraser. "With Brendan? I would do anything with Brendan. It was so much fun," Silverstone said while applauding Fraser's remarkable Oscar win this year. Alicia's giddy remarks have, however, put forth a review of her personal life. The Clueless alum had a blissful conjugal life for a long time until things went down in 2018.  

Alicia and Christopher dated for eight years before tying the knot in 2005.  SOURCE: Instagram

Alicia and her now ex-husband, rock musician Christopher Jarecki, dated for eight years before getting married at a beachfront ceremony at Lake Tahoe on June 11, 2005. When the duo met, after Silverstone's catapulted to fame with Clueless, they connected on many levels, including their ardent views on animal rights. "He was waiting on our old wicker loveseat, ring in hand, with the most beautiful proposal any best friend could ever give," Silverstone said about Jarecki's thoughtful proposal.   

The duo split ways after more than a decade of marriage in 2018.  SOURCE: Instagram

The actress and the musician's wedding was no conventional ceremony. The twosome had everything, from invitation cards, food, and adornment, made out of vegan products and recycled materials. "It was so hard not to kiss him during the ceremony. I was going out of my mind. So, the kiss at the end was amazing," Alicia said as she recounted their perfect ceremony. The pair didn't welcome kids for the longest time, six years to be precise, and only had their son, Bear Blue, in May 2011.    

The estranged pair are co-parenting their only son.  SOURCE: Instagram

 But nothing lasts forever, not even a marriage as enduring and seemingly perfect as Silverstone's with Jarecki. The pair's separation news came as a shock for many in February 2018. The pair had reportedly drifted apart for a while and filed for divorce in May 2018. An insider assured the amicable bond between the estranged pair, saying, "they still deeply love and respect each other and remain very close friends but have mutually decided to separate after being together for 20 years."  

Get to Know Alicia Silverstone's Ex-Husband and their son!  

Silverstone was certainly the bigger star of the two, but Jarecki was a star in his own right. Jarecki used to sing for the now-dissolved band S.T.U.N, (Scream Towards the Uprising of Nonconformity), a band of five who toured extensively with the likes of Jane's Addiction, The Used, and Marilyn Manson back in the days. Silverstone's ex-husband also dabbled in acting.  

Silverstone and Christopher welcomed Blue Bear after six years of their wedding.  SOURCE: Instagram

While Alicia still navigates a thriving career, with the actress starring in 2020 flicks like Bad Therapy, Sister of the Groom, and more, we aren't sure what Christopher is doing to support himself after their divorce. The former musician was awarded a hefty payment of $12,000 a month in spousal support from Silverstone in 2018. Silverstone and Jarecki were given joint custody of their son.   

The actress and her ex-husband are now amicably co-parenting their son, who, everyone will agree, is a splitting image of Silverstone. "Bear and his daddy and I flow really well together," the Miss Match actress shared. Silverstone describes her parenting style as zen. "I'll use a serious voice but I never yell. I'll say, 'Sweetheart, Mommy is getting upset,'" says the actress while dishing on her effective parenting approach. The 46-year-old recently revealed why she didn't welcome more kids.   

Silverstone shares why she didn't have more kids.  SOURCE: Instagram

"I wanted to have more [kids], but then my relationship got messed up, and it wasn't a great time to bring one in," Alicia said during her appearance on The Ellen Fisher Podcast. She added, "I didn't want to have one right away because I was so in love with my Bear."  

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