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Meet Bear Blu Jarecki - Son Of Alicia Silverstone Famous For Long Haircut

Updated On 03 Feb, 2021 Published On 03 Feb, 2021
Meet Bear Blu Jarecki - Son Of Alicia Silverstone Famous For Long Haircut

Bear Blu Jarecki has been stealing the limelight attention ever since he was born. But, it's not the celebrity status he achieved through his parents or anything he accomplished himself that earned him popularity. It's his freaking beautiful long hair.

Bear Blu Jarecki - Rapunzel child of Alicia Silverstone

Born in 2011 with the famous Hollywood personas, aka his parents Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Jarecki, the little gorgeous man Bear Blu Jarecki showcases extremely long hair compared to kids his age.

Bear Blu Jarecki with his mother, Alicia Silverstone. SOURCE: Healthy Frog

Currently, 9 years old in Feb 2021, celebrity child Jarecki is often in the limelight because of his long and soft brown locks. And, being born to a supportive rockstar dad and an actress mother who hasn't opposed Jarecki's choice to keep his hair long, Bear has the freedom to do anything he wants.

As a matter of fact, Jarecki also has no regrets about his shoulder-length hair and has stood himself to his bullies at school who has made fun of his hair. Bear's mother, Alicia shared the story of how his son was bullied by kids during a bus ride to a trip f0r his long hair.

But while Silverstone thought his child would want to have a haircut to make it short, the Clueless actress was surprised to learn that Bear wanted a trim that would make his hair grow to his waist.

Bear Blu Jarecki getting a haircut in 2020. SOURCE: Instagram

Both Bear's Alicia and father are extremely supportive of their child's decision and claim that long hair has got nothing to do with gender. However, in November 2020, Bear got rid of his signature long hair and decided to chop it off. But, Bear still looks handsome with his short hair too.

Parents Of Bear Blu Jarecki Are Divorced

The lovely boy of Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Jarecki aka their only son, Bear Blu Jarecki have grown with so much love of his mother and father that it's almost unlikely that his parents are divorced.

Bear Blu Jarecki's parents, Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Jarecki are divorced. SOURCE: Pop Sugar

Well, Alicia and the frontman of S.T.U.N. split and divorced in 2018 after two decades of togetherness. Alicia and Chris met and instantly dated in 1997 after they met outside a movie and married in 2005. But, by February 2018, romance was dead between Bear's parents.

Well, Alicia filed for divorce in May prior to it being finalized in November 2018. However, both Alicia and Chris share equal custody of their son as they co-parent Bear. The grandchild of Monty Silverstone and Didi Silverstone, in addition, was born on 5th May 2011 and turns 10 in 2021.

As for Bear, he loves his parents equally and is often seen hanging out with his dad on Silverstone's Instagram.

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