Marriage is something which changes a person for the better. And whenever someone commits to someone else outside his/her marriage it naturally makes them regrets their decision. 

Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, aka RZA, still to this day regrets of having children outside his marriage. Let's take a look at his controversial personal life and dug deep into his current marriage life.    

RZA-Marriage Life With Second Wife Talani Rabb  

RZA tied the knot to Talani Rabb back in 2009, after divorcing the first wife. His current wife is a model and an actress.  

The duo exchanged vows in a quiet ceremony on 29th August 2009. The ceremony was held in Santa Barbara and only the closest of the couple's friends and family were in the attendance. 

RZA and his wife Talani Rabb
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His wife is an accomplished actress and has worked in big movies like The Scorpion King alongside, Dwayne Johnson and Kelly Hu

The couple doesn't share any children between them but they do take care of RZA's children from a previous marriage. And the duo will be sharing their ninth wedding anniversary next month. Congratulation to the couple!

RZA-First Marriage And Father Of Five Children

RZA married Eboni Mills back in June 2000. Both of them dated for a few years before tying the knot in an intimate ceremony. 

The pair was ready to start a family and became parents to three children named Shaquasia, Melchizedek, Understanding and Eternity Diggs

RZA was first married to Eboni Mills and shares three kids with her
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But RZA also fathered two children, outside his marriage named Raindia Diggs, born on 27 March 2000, and Pranda Diggs, born on 1 August 2000. According to many rumors, he shares Raindia and Pranda with two different women. 

In an interview, RZA has stated his discontentment having to become a father to more children outside his wedlock which led to some strain in his marital life. He still regrets his decision of becoming a parent outside his marriage. 

Time went by and his relationship with Eboni turned sour and the couple eventually decided to part ways. They got divorced in 2006 after six years of togetherness. 

RZA: Quick Facts

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  • Born on July 5, 1969 (age 49 years), in Brownsville, New York City, New York, United States.
  • He has one brother named Terrance Hamlin. 
  • He was introduced to rap by his uncle at the age of 7.
  • He formed a group named All In Together Now. 
  • He formed the band Wu-Tang Clan in the year 1992. 
  • His net worth is estimated at $18 million.