Marriages and subsequent splits between celebrity personalities always attract the keen eye of mainstream media. This was the case with Shepard Smith who divorced his wife of 6 years, Virginia Donald, in 1993, intensifying numerous rumors at the time, only to reveal himself as gay two decades later.

This remarkably successful anchor might have been in a straight married relationship previously, but is he currently dating someone? Let's find out.

Is Shepard Smith In A Relationship?

This brilliant anchor is dating his longtime boyfriend Gio Graziano. He usually is very secretive about his personal life. However, in one of the recent interviews, Shepard spoke in slight detail about his relationship with the man who was once a production assistant on Smith's show around 2011.

'I have a longtime boyfriend and we're as happy as we can be. We live a very normal life and go to dinner and go to games and see his family and see my family. It's great for us, but I can't imagine anyone else finding it interesting.' 

Although this was only the second time Smith spoke publicly about his partner, he went on to say he does not mind talking about it. He further added he does not feel the need to hide anything anymore.

Shepard Smith with his boyfriend Gio Graziano
Source: Daily Mail

The only other time Shepard openly talked about his boyfriend was back when he paid tribute to his late boss Roger Ailes who left the company in disgrace due to multiple harassment issues.

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However, Smith had nice things to say about the man as he claimed Gio and himself went to this amazingly beautiful home. They previously never attended a work function together, but when they arrived, Roger along with his kid and wife greeted the pair.

Smith further added, Roger and his wife treated them like family.

Smith previously opened up about his sexuality just a few weeks earlier in 2016. This was when he confirmed he was in a relationship with another man.

 Shepard Smith: I'm Gay

The talented anchor displayed a decent courage to come out to the world like this. However, Smith is now reaping the rewards as he no longer needs to hide anything related to his love life.

It can be easily imagined how free Shepard must feel after years of living a fake dating life. Meanwhile, this duo is also setting an example for the rest of the world that being a gay couple does not mean you can't live with an openly blissful relationship.

Shepard Smith's Failed Marriage With Virginia Donald

Shepard and Virginia began dating while they were studying at The University of Mississippi. The couple was classmates back then, and they went out for a couple of years before they tied the knot in 1987.

Shepard Smith with his former wife Virginia Donald
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The pair was captured to be delighted in each other's presence for a certain time. They appeared to carry a perfect bond with each other. However, cracks soon started appearing. The duo parted ways in 1993. After 6 years, the pair called it quits but there were no credible reports on the specific reasoning.

The former lovebirds did not share any children and they moved on with their lives. Moreover, they preferred to keep their mouth shut to the public media regarding their divorce.

There were rumors the divorce was down to something related to Shepard's sexual orientation. After two decades, the rumors might be true as Shepard finally came out of the closet in 2016.

Shepard Smith: Quick Facts

Source: The Wrap

  • He was born on 14th January 1964 in Holly Springs Mississippi.
  • His birth sign is Capricorn.
  • His parents are David Shepard Smith Sr. and Dora Ellen Anderson.
  • He is of American nationality.
  • He went to K-12 private school as a kid in his hometown.
  • He finished his high school senior year in Florida.
  • He earned his major in journalism from University in Mississippi but fell two credits short from graduating.
  • He is best known for hosting Fox Report and The Pulse.
  • His career began working as a reporter for a television station in Florida.
  • Following Princess Diana's demise in 1997, he provided the subsequent coverage of her death and funeral.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $25 million while he earns an annual salary of $10 million.