Home Article "A fit healthy body. That is the best fashion statement". Are today's women's fashion choices hurting their Health?

"A fit healthy body. That is the best fashion statement". Are today's women's fashion choices hurting their Health?

Updated On 27 Apr, 2017 Published On 27 Apr, 2017

Fashion and women has some kind of strong bonding but often this bond hurt their health and causes many serious problems.

Fashion can be fun, but it can also take a toll. Many of us love to pick out cool outfits but considering its impact on our health, probably it's not worth it.

We've all heard "Beauty is Pain" but sometimes this pain turns out to long-term health problems and most of us likely don't want.

Well, it's always great to be fashionable, but not when it risks your health. So, today in this section of the article we will like to introduce you to five potentially risky fashion choices.

Here we begin!

5. Sexy Lingerie           

When we say sexy lingerie, we thought about the thong, Underwired, and padded bras or string bikini underwear which makes us look super sexy.

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But it can trap bacteria in the vaginal area and compress the sensitive tissue down there, making you more susceptible to vaginal infections.

If you are already vulnerable to yeast infections, definitely avoid wearing thongs because it isn't made up of cotton so when they rub up on your skin in the areas between your backside and your front side, it's causing tiny tears, inviting bacteria into the skin.

4. Flats

Mostly we choose flats over heels considering it less harmful but they can be just as bad for your feet.

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Well, it sounds quite undigested but wearing ballet flats are no better than high heels, as they offer no cushioning or support, which can lead to heel pain.

Take advantage of the athleisure trend as an opportunity to wear some supportive sneakers daily.

3. Corsets

Waist training is trendy these days, but is it really worth it? Well, wearing a corset for too long can weaken abdominal muscles.

Source: Corset Story

It makes hard to breathe, and could possibly result in rib damage and even create acid reflux.

There's also no evidence that these corsets can shrink your waist, so you're better off going without them.

2. Skinny Jeans

Wearing too tight pants can restrict your movement which can cause abdominal discomfort and swelling.

Source: Today

It can cause skin chafing on the thigh and crotch areas and decrease the blood supply to the muscles and nerves in your lower leg which can exacerbate the numbness or tingle in your lower extremities.

1. High Heels

We all love high heels as it makes us look taller but the foot doctors say the higher the heel on the shoe the more weight is pushed forward onto the balls of the feet, which can cause pain.

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Wearing high heels for long term leads to instability and weakening of the ankle muscles, and over time, this ligament and nerve damage in the ankle leads to complications in the legs and back.

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