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Author Alice Munro Married Twice |Get Details on her Married Life & Kids

Updated On 30 May, 2022 Published On 30 May, 2022
Author Alice Munro Married Twice |Get Details on her Married Life & Kids

In the late 1960s, Canadian writer Alice Ann Munro started writing and eventually won Nobel Prizes in Literature in 2013. Her first collection of stories includes Dance of the Happy Shades, Lives of Girls and Women, and Who Do You Think You Are?

Alice Ann Munro is the first Canadian Nobel Prize-winner in literature for her work as a 'master of the contemporary short story in 2013 and the recipient of the 2009 Man Booker International Prize for her lifetime contribution.

Popular celebrities often face problems regarding their relationship. Similar is the situation of Alice Munro, who waited four years after her divorce from her first husband. What's the reason behind her first divorce? Let's find out more about Alice's married life, including her past relationship.

Who Was Alice Munro Married With?

To this date, Alice Munro has been married twice. The University of Western Ontario alum dropped out of the college just two years after sharing the vows with her boyfriend, James Munro, in 1951.

Alice Munro won the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature. SOURCE: Instagram(@alicemunromiro)

The former flames shared four angelic daughters, Sheila Munro, born in 1953. Her second child, Catherine Munro, arrived in 1955. The next child, Catherine, arrived in 1957 and passed away after 15 hours of birth due to a non-functioning kidney.

In addition, Munro gave birth to her daughter Andrea Munro in 1966. It was three years after the family moved to Victoria. Initially, everything went fine, and we were even blessed with a divine gift as children.

Jenny Munro represented her mother at the Nobel Prize Academy in Stockholm. SOURCE: Twitter(@nobelprize)

Not to mention, Alice's child, Sheila Munro, was a writer growing up in the shadow of a writing mother and was able to follow in her mother's footsteps to write personally about being a daughter in her book Lives of Mothers & Daughters: Growing Up with Alice Munro.' Munro has established herself as a successful author in her own right.

The lady parted ways from her first spouse. The chemistry between them got mixed into misunderstanding and quarrels. So almost two decades after their first-born child, Alice and James finalized their divorce in 1972 but still kept her surname from her ex-husband.

Alice Munro - Shared Vows With Gerald Fremlin

Following a divorce, Alice shook the world after she got hitched by another guy Gerald Fremlin in 1976. Gerald was a cartographer and geographer. She met Gerald while pursuing her degree, and after acquiring an honorary LLD, the duo took their relationship to the next level.

Alice Munro started writing when she was a teenager. SOURCE: Instagram(@alicemunromiro)

The couple was satisfied and happy. After dating for a while, the two moved to Clinton, Ontario. Sadly he died at 58 on April 17, 2013. Alice and Fremin had bought a beautiful house in Comox.

Other than that, Alice had coronary-artery bypass surgery for a heart condition and cancer, which she revealed in Toronto in October 2009. Alice will turn 91 on July 10, 2022.

Here's the video of Alice Munro's interview in 1979.

On the other hand, Alice traveled widely, visiting Australia and China from 1977 to 1981 and in 1983, her book titled Moons of Jupiter was published, which had a story set in her hometown.

In an interview, an award-winning author complained after some school banned one of their works, ' Lives of Girls and Women.' She now lives in British Columbia and Ontario and runs created Munro's Books, a famous bookstore.

About Her Body of Work

Canadian writer has written several television scripts like A Selected Stories in 1996. Her recent work includes The View From Castle Rock, Too Much Happiness and Dear Life.

Further, Alice, a housewife with three grown daughters, didn't have time for novels, so she wrote captivative short stories. Her short story, Carried Away, was published in 2006.

In her book, Lives of Girls and Women, the narrator Del Jordan describes what she hopes to get from writing fiction about small-town life in Ontario. Who Do You Think You Are? Published in 1978, it narrates the life of a young woman, Rose, living in rural Ontario, with the theme of identity centered on the location.

The other creations of Alice, such as Friend of My Youth, has an interest in adultery and relationship, while The Open Secrets and The Love of A Good Woman consists of longer stories.

"When you're my age. You don't wish to be alone as much as a writer has to be," a Canadian writer revealed her decision to retire from writing in June 2013 after receiving Trillium Book Award in Toronto.

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