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Ayame Misaki Was Married & Divorced - Every Detail Here

Updated On 21 Jan, 2021 Published On 20 Jan, 2021
Ayame Misaki Was Married & Divorced - Every Detail Here

Japanese actress Ayama Misaki enjoys a successful career but the same can not be said when it concerns a successful marriage. To get straight to the point, the Alice In Borderland actress was once a married woman.

Actress Ayame Misaki Was Married

Of course, it might be hard to believe for anyone, especially for Ayame Misaki's fans that the actress could be in a relationship, let alone be even married or divorced considering the fact that the Japanese actress rarely speaks about her personal life.

Japanese actress Ayame Misaki pictured with her near and dear ones. SOURCE: Instagram

Misaki, however, was once a married woman to a man outside the film industry who worked at a energy conservation company, at the time. And, as an actress, it can be very difficult to marry a man outside the movie industry.

But, for Misaki, her partner was super understanding of her job and it was what made her fall in love more with him. Besides, Misaki and her divorced husband had been dating for a very long time before their marriage.

And, Misaki thought she had enough time to know more about her husband. Unfortunately, Ayame and her boyfriend turned husband's marriage didn't even last two years. But, what else do we know about Misaki's marriage?

Ayame Misaki Married In July 2016

The blissfully married actress Ayame Misaki got married to her then-husband in 2016. And, by the time she tied the knot, she was already 27 while her estranged husband who is almost a decade older than her was 36.

Actress Ayame Misaki married in 2016 but the marriage didn't last. SOURCE: Pinterest

Misaki and her husband, in addition, walked down the aisle in an intimate wedding ceremony on 11th July 2016. Misaki happily shared the news on her official blog where she wrote: 

"Since he was in the same town, we talked with each other, and he was attracted to his sincere personality and started dating on the premise of marriage. A person who thinks and understands my work first, is always laid back, and wraps me up with deep affection,"

But, things couldn't always go their way and the romance was dead between them by the next time. Other than that, Misaki also never shared any pictures of her former husband nor was ever pictured with him in public.

Ayame Misaki Divorced In 2017 

Unfortunately, as Ayame Misaki and her first marriage didn't work out, the next year in October 2017 less than sixteen months since their wedding, Misaki found herself in court filing for divorce papers with her ex-husband.

Ayame Misaki divorced in 2017. SOURCE: Zimbio

Apparently, the busy acting and traveling schedule of the actress that rarely made her stay at the couple's home was the main cause behind their separation. But, it was a mutual decision, and Ayame and her former husband has no hatred for each other.

As a matter of fact, no alimony arrangements were also made between the parties. The two also share no children. And, since it's been more than three years since the divorce, Misaki has moved on from the heartbreak and is doing fine.

Misaki hasn't been romantically linked to anyone since then nor married another man.

Ayame Misaki Had Rough Childhood - Abandoned By Father

Meanwhile, divorce isn't the only dreadful thing the Attack On Titan actress had to go through as Misaki endured horrifying events of the Hanshin earthquake in 1995 when she was only six years old. Thankfully, she survived and lived at an evacuation center for a year after the incident.

Not to mention, Misaki's father abandoned the actress and her sisters after he divorced their mother when she had just finished elementary school. And, the issue was a big enough cause to make Misaki drift apart from her mother too.

The actress says she and her sisters had a rough childhood until her life changed when she began working hard towards her acting career from the early days of her teenage years.

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