Home Article Beauty Queen Maddison Jaizani is Taking Instagram By Storm; Is She Dating Luke Pasqualino?

Beauty Queen Maddison Jaizani is Taking Instagram By Storm; Is She Dating Luke Pasqualino?

Updated On 06 Feb, 2020 Published On 06 Feb, 2020
Beauty Queen Maddison Jaizani is Taking Instagram By Storm; Is She Dating Luke Pasqualino?

Be it in the street or red carpet, Maddison Jaizani never misses slaying with her look. It's like the brunette beauty was born to do it. Her fashion and sense of style surely deserve thousands of compliments and praise. And, that's what we are definitely about to do.

With an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed, the British beauty i.e. Maddison Jaizani also flaunts her signature styles on social media. As a matter of fact, the Versailles actress surpassed over 45k followers on the photo-sharing platform in a less period of time since she grew popular in the showbiz world.

Actress, Model & A Fashion Icon; Maddison Jaizani

Only at a tender age, Jaizani who grew up in Manchester fell in love with acting and instantly stayed determined to make a career in the film industry. And, the graduate of Bury College where she studied acting, clearly, shaped her path to Hollywood.

Maddison Jaizani rocks black from top to bottom. SOURCE: Maddison Jaizani Instagram

Taking baby steps into her acting ventures, the dark-haired beauty then marked her presence onscreen with her performance in tv shows such as from Tyrant to Versailles starring George Blagden to Into the Badlands to finally on Nancy Drew where she plays the lead role of Bess Marvin.

And, evidently, not just with her television roles, Maddison loves adding flavor to the lifestyle offscreen too, including with the choices of her fashion, of course. From wearing a chic black trouser with an off-shoulder for events to wearing an enormous shirt with no pants casually, Jaizani never ceases to make a statement.

Needless to mention, her fashion and style selection can be easily seen on her Instagram too (username:maddisonjaizani) where she earns plenty of compliments from her thousands of fans. And, speaking of her fans, Maddison surely has tons of admirers, but is there anyone she admires?

Is Maddison Dating Anyone? Perhaps Luke Pasqualino

Sadly, Maddison is a little bit selfish when it comes to providing glimpses of her personal life to the public. But, it's totally fine though, in consideration that she, as an actress, needs spaces from the public and media.

Maddison Jaizani and Luke Pasqualino pose for a picture. SOURCE: Twitter (sadpendragon)

But, to break the happy news to her male fans, Jaizani is currently single. However, her name was once romantically linked to fellow English actor, the handsome man himself Luke Pasqualino, who is prominent for his roles in tv shows such as Snatch, Skins, The Musketeer, and Our Girls.

Speculations of the two dating spread in 2018 when Maddison and Luke spent a lot of their time together traveling. Not to mention a lot of pictures of the actors getting cozy as well as the lovey-dovey pictures of the pair were posted on Instagram by Maddison herself.

Maddison Jaizani alongside Luke Pasqualino, who she was rumored to be dating. SOURCE: Daily Mail

Fans were absolutely assured that the couple was definitely a thing. Maddison and Luke, however, never publicly confessed or admitted on the nature of their relationship. Even if the young people weren't together, one can't deny how cute they would make as a couple.

And, even if Maddison is just best friends with Luke, let's hope her friendship with Pasqualino flourishes forever.

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