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Secrets Of Bette Midler & Husband Martin von Haselberg's Successful Marriage

Updated On 10 Mar, 2023 Published On 16 Oct, 2020
Secrets Of Bette Midler & Husband Martin von Haselberg's Successful Marriage

It's like Hollywood and long lasting marriages rarely ever belongs in the same sentence. But, the other half of the time, it miraculously does. For instance, let's take a look at the happy married life of the multifaceted singer and singer, Bette Midler and her long-term partner.

Bette Midler & Husband Martin von Haselberg Married In 1986

The evergreen and beautiful American singer Bette Midler has had a successful singing career since the beginning. But, a successful career isn't the only thing that makes a human happy. And, along with a partner by your side, what more does one need?

Bette Midler and her husband Martin von Haselberg. SOURCE: Fabiosa

And for singer Bette, it's her husband Martin von Haselberg, a German actor and singer who used to be in the band called The Kipper Kids. As a matter of fact, their love story is no less than one of a kind considering the fact that Midler and Haselberg tied the knot just less than six weeks after they met. 

Basically, Midler and her then-future husband met in November 1984 and instantly caught up in feelings. No wonder, by December 16, Midler and Martin were walking down the aisle in Las Vegas.

Indeed, the couple opted for an intimate matrimony union without any extravagance celebration as their entire wedding only cost $45 at the time. Besides, their big day occurred at two in the mid-afternoon. Nearly four decades later, Midler and her husband are still going stronger.

Bette Midler's daughter Sophie von Haselberg married in 2020. SOURCE: Instagram

And, their love story wouldn't be complete without mentioning their daughter, Sophie von Haselberg who Midler and her husband welcomed in 1986. Daughter Sophie who turned 36 and married in 2020 amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, however, is an actress, unlike her parents.

Not to let it go. Bette also credits her beloved daughter for saving her marriage with her long-term partner, Martin.

How Their Daughter Saved Midler & Haselberg's Marriage

Singer Bette Midler and her husband Martin von Haselberg might have been married for years. But, that doesn't overshadow the fact that the couple never had to go through rough patches together. Like any couple, Midler and Haselberg shared their highs and lows too.

Bette Midler and her husband Martin von Haselberg share a daughter named Sophie. SOURCE: Pinterest

The couple too reached the point when their marriage would be filled with terrible arguments and disputes. But, it was at those times, Haselberg and his wife realized what was really missing in their life. Perhaps, a child. The Grammy-winning singer and Haselberg made the decision to start their own family, which later made their connection even stronger.

Midler also claims that her husband is the greatest father in the world and has taught Sophie the lesson of patience, cooking, and even foreign languages. Their only child is also definitely one of their biggest accomplishments.

On the other hand, having their daughter isn't the only secret to what made their marriage stand strong. Throughout their marriage, Midler has also come to the realization that having space between a couple is important too.

The Addams Family star also believes arguments are not always worth it which is why she has her ways sometimes and gets her husband to have his way the other time. But, at the end of the day, Martin is still the biggest supporter of Midler whom she considers a genius human she is extremely in love with.

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