A relationship, no matter how well it is going, is susceptible to test of strength with time. This is more relatable to celebrities as fame is not without some baggage which attracts trouble. Brandi Padilla is happily married to her husband Kevin Garnett, but the road was not always smooth sailing.

If you're curious to know the further marriage details of this adorable couple as well as what this trouble was that threatened their marriage, you arrived at the right place. Let's find out.

Brandi Padilla's Married Life With Kevin Garnett

Brandi enjoyed a relatively long pre-marital relationship with an NBA Superstar Kevin Garnett. The pair were dating for a long time, subsequently leading up to marriage in July 2004 in California. The ceremony was held in private with only their friends and relatives.

Brandi Padilla with her superstar husband Kevin Garnett
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They appear to be an ideal couple and share two children together. The elder one, Capri Garnett was born on 18th April 2008, while the youngest one was born in 2013, whose name is unknown as the pair preferred not to reveal it to the public.

Despite the tendency to keep the kids out of the spotlight, Kevin is apparently a big fan of nicknames. He calls his daughters 'Peanut' and 'Boo Boo'. Funnily enough, he's given a nickname for himself as well, 'Freak'.

The former NBA star apparently loves to personalize everything close to his heart, although her wife's nickname is not revealed.

Kevin Garnett, his wife Brandi, and their eldest daughter Capri attending a Tennis match in 2011
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The cute couple was sweethearts for a long time before their marriage. In fact, their wedding was the primary reason Kevin skipped the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.

Unlike other NBA Couples, this adorable pair prefers to avoid the spotlight. Brandi is without a doubt a very attractive woman, but she is unlike other NBA Wags. Perhaps this is one of the reasons their marriage has lasted for so long.

Although there were few bumps along the way and some rumors that put the relationship in jeopardy, the couple is mostly presented in a perfect shape. There seem to be no problems and every time they appear in public, they still look like young sweethearts.

Kevin Garnett's Alleged Relationship With A Dancer

There is very little information on Brandi's personal life which is largely overshadowed by her famous spouse Kevin Garnett. With the rise in fame, the likelihood of making headlines for wrong reasons also increases.

Kevin was one of the victims of this when reports circulated he had been in an allegedly discreet, long-term relationship with Krissy Freiberg, a former Timberwolves dancer.

Kevin Garnett and Brandi Padilla attending a fashion event at Spring Studios
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There were some rumors the extra-marital affair went on for nearly four years and Kristy even moved to Boston when Kevin was traded to Celtics. During the time, Kevin had just welcomed his first child.

There is no news on how his wife addressed these rumors. However, they were never proven and just faded away with time. Although NBA stars are notoriously well known for cheating on their wives, it's safe to say these allegations towards Kevin were most likely false.

The couple did not let this affect their relationship as there appeared to be no cracks emerging in their marriage and they still stand together stronger than ever, which is quite admirable. 

Brandi Padilla: Quick Facts


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  • She was born on 25th January 1976.
  • Her star sign is Aquarius.
  • Her middle name is Alyssa.
  • She is of American nationality and black ethnicity.
  • She is from San Pedro.
  • She has one sibling sister who is married to record producer Jimmy Jam.
  • Her mother is Bernadette Padilla.
  • When she was just 3 years old, her father left the family
  • Her personal net worth is unknown, however, her husband Kevin Garnett is estimated to be worth $180 million.