Home Article Breast cancer; A rising health problem in women. Know the causes and treatments

Breast cancer; A rising health problem in women. Know the causes and treatments

Updated On 17 Apr, 2017 Published On 17 Apr, 2017
Breast cancer; A rising health problem in women. Know the causes and treatments

Breast cancer is rising health issue found in women between the age group of 40-70.It is a type of cancer which can be cured.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer found in women which develop from breast cell. Usually, it affects one in eight women during their lifetime.

It is one of the most rising health issues in women mostly found between the age group of 40's-70's.

When you get to know about your cancer it is normal to feel frightened, sad and worried.

Here in this section, you'll find the details regarding breast cancer which can help you to navigate your health care.

Causes of Breast Cancer            

Like other cancer, breast cancer also occurs when the control is lost and cells begin to divide at an unusually high rate.

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The actual causes are not identified however certain risk factors exists;

  • Age- it's more common to the age group of 40-70
  • Family History- If close female family members were diagnosed with breast cancer or ovarian cancer than having a higher risk of developing breast cancer.
  • Previous diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Breast density- Women with dense breast tissue may have a higher risk of breast cancer
  • Alcohol- Researcher shows regular consumption of alcohol causes breast cancer as compare to those who didn't drink.
  • Contraceptive pill- Uses of contraceptive pill increases the chances of breast cancer. However, risk starts to decrease once it stops to take.

Sign and symptoms of the Cancer

Breast cancer has multiple of symptoms but the foremost one is the thickness of the lump or area of breast tissue.

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The majority of lumps are not always cancerous but women should visit their doctors if they have seen following symptoms;

  • Change in the size or shape of breast
  • Feel of lump in a breast
  • A pain in the armpits or breast 
  • Rashes and redness on the skin of breast
  • Discharge of nipples; sometimes may contain blood

The earliest breast cancers are detected by a mammogram.

Diagnosis and Remedy

Diagnosis and remedy depend on individual circumstances and types of breast cancer.

1. Breast Ultrasound

It helps to find out the lump or abnormality is a solid mass or a fluid -filled cyst.

2. Biopsy

A biopsy means testing of breast cancer and if any hints found then proceed the further procedure.

3. Breast Self-Exam (BSE)

BSE should apply after the first period and you may likely to notice changes.

The method to inspect your breast;

  • Holding arms at side
  • Holding arms overhead
  • Pressing hands on hips to tighten chest muscles
  • Circulate and move up and down

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 4. Types of Therapy

  • Chemotherapy- Usually given by injection
  •  Hormonal therapy- Helps to stop the growth of cancer cell.
  •  Radiation therapy- Applied after lumpectomy or partial mastectomy.

Well, facing a breast cancer is not an easy thing but being aware is really important.

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