Home Article Brittney Lee Saunders Doesn't Encourage Plastic Surgeries But Got $10000 Breast Augmentation

Brittney Lee Saunders Doesn't Encourage Plastic Surgeries But Got $10000 Breast Augmentation

Updated On 20 Feb, 2020 Published On 19 Feb, 2020
Brittney Lee Saunders Doesn't Encourage Plastic Surgeries But Got $10000 Breast Augmentation

Failed plastic surgery is literally one of the worst nightmares for anyone trying to undergo one. And, keeping that in mind, Brittney Lee Saunders made sure to do her research well and deep before she had her breast implant.

And, unlike the other celebrities and influencers, Saunders decided to keep it frank as she shared all of her breast augmentation journey with her millions of fans, something we really applaud her for. Not to mention, she even explained the reasons why she wanted to have a breast implant.

Saunders Always Wanted A Breast Implant

May 2017 was the first time Brittney Lee Sanders shared the news that she was trying to uplift her breast, something she was always insecure about and thought of getting one for years. And at the age of twenty-four, the Blonde beauty finally thought she was old and wise enough to make such a decision she didn't think she would regret later.

Brittney Lee Saunders's natural bust size before she had her breast implants. SOURCE: Daily Mail

Besides, Saunders also wanted to be more confident with a bigger bust size. As a matter of fact, with having the bust size of somewhere between A and B naturally, Brittney usually never wore bras or felt the urge to wear them. On the other side, the Aussie YouTuber, however, doesn't promote plastic surgeries.

Explaining further with implying that everyone has different opinions on a controversial topic as plastic surgeries, Saunders made it clear that she wasn't requesting her fans to get one just because she decided to get one.

But, Brittney also made sure she wasn't trying to stop the fans who wanted to go for it. Not to mention, Saunders also suggests her fans to not get their plastic surgeries for cheap prices where it's done in less time.

It Cost Saunders $10000 To Augment Her Breast

As upfront as the Newcastle born influencer was, Brittney also revealed how she watched other videos of people going through the same procedure as her. Needless to say, it was what made Brittney realize the importance of doing her research and getting done her surgery at a decent place.

Brittney Lee Saunders alongside her surgeon, Dr. Nick Moncrieff. SOURCE: Hunter Plastic Surgery

For the influencer, since Brittney wanted to get a more natural look, she opted for Hunter Plastic Surgery where she received the service of her surgeon, Dr. Nick Moncrieff who suggested her to get the teardrop size of 375cc.

Saunders, who once made headline for updating her break up with ex Dylan Sean Ryan with a mental breakdown on social media, paid the price of a total $10,000 to get the whole surgery done.

But, what was the experience like? According to Brittney, she felt no pain but did become a bit nauseous and felt sore around her chest area as if she has done some sort of workouts.

Also not to let it go, Saunders's surgeon then made her wear a correct size compression bra for six weeks. A compression bra is a kind of bra wore to hold the breast where the person wants it to be, and also to support and protect the breast and to make it recover from wounds.

And, moving towards the significant part, Brittney got what she wanted, a natural-looking bust of her dream.

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