Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson and football player Adil Rami are no longer dating. 

  • Pamela Anderson reportedly broke-up with her boyfriend Adil Rami. 
  • The duo was dating for around a year or so. 
  • She wants Adil to take care of his twins and that's why left him.
  • Adil recently gave her a ring as a precursor for a marriage proposal. 

Marriage proposal didn't work out after all!

Just days after French Football player Adil Rami proposed the idea of marriage to his girlfriend Pamela Anderson, she broke-up things with him. 

According to TMZ, the reason for their relationship to end is because Pamela sees that his two kids need their mother more than her. 

French football player and Pamela Anderson are no longer dating
Source: TMZ

She called it quits with the World Cup winner after dating him for around 1-year. Upon winning, the Footballer even gave her a Cartier ring. The ring was a forerunner for his marriage proposal.

Pamela even gave the ring to her son Brandon

But eventually, his proposal was rejected by her. According to the source close to the pair, 

“After spending this past week with Adil’s cute [2-year-old] twin sons … it broke Pam’s heart that he doesn’t see them enough, as he should, so she’s moving out.”

The source further added,

“Pamela feels she is the reason Adil doesn’t spend enough time with his children. She is removing herself from his life so he can do the right thing and be with his kids. It’s a selfless move by Pamela, a true romantic — and she is heartbroken. Adil has difficulty balancing his life with Pamela and what should be a healthy relationship with his ex, the mother of his children.”

But the decision was quite difficult for her and she definitely hopes that Adil will get back to his ex-girlfriend just for the sake of his twins. Moreover, Pam has also moved out of their house in France.