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Inside Brooklyn Beckham's Romantic History: Everything to Know

Updated On 10 Mar, 2023 Published On 10 Mar, 2023
Inside Brooklyn Beckham's Romantic History: Everything to Know

Brooklyn Beckham's girlfriends over the years: The eldest son of David Beckham is married to Nicola Peltz: Complete story here!

Despite having achieved very little in his ever-changing career paths, and not producing anything monumental in each of his career choices (given the plethora of privileges he is endowed with) Brooklyn Beckham just so happens to be one of the most talked about stars- stars' kids. Eldest son of footballer David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn has so far dabbled in modeling, and photography, and has even followed in his father's footsteps. Brooklyn Joseph Peltz Beckham was born on March 4, 1999, in Westminster, London. 

He had a brief stint playing in the Arsenal F.C. Academy during his early teenage years before he forayed to find a career in modeling. The oldest Beckham is currently carving a career in cooking. There might not be anything interesting about Brooklyn's professional ventures, but his love life has consistently remained a tabloid's favorite tale. After several failed career attempts and a drama-filled dating history, Brooklyn, 24, now masquerades as a happily married man who's eyeing to build a food empire.   

Inside Brooklyn Beckham's Dating History!  

While many celebrities' kids reject the constant media attention in their life as they gradually gain control of their life, Brooklyn, however, seems to thrive amid tabloid buzz. Being the first kid of one of the world's most powerful couples, Brooklyn grew up in the limelight and has no problem being at the center of attention. "I grew up with all of that and I'm kind of used to it now. I don't really think about it in any way. It's just normal for me," he once said.  

Brooklyn is David and Victoria Beckham's oldest son.  SOURCE: Instagram

And true to his words, Beckham seemingly doesn't adhere to a low-profile relationship. His earliest dating experience goes back to 2014; he was 15 when he started dating actress Chloë Grace Moretz. The young pair met at Paris fashion week in 2014 and hit it off immediately. Although the couple's puppy love attracted a lot of tabloid attention, Brooklyn and Moretz had a bumpy relationship, with the two calling it quits every once a year until their final breakup in 2016.    

Brooklyn dated actress Chloë Grace Moretz on and off for many years.  SOURCE: Instagram

The oldest Beckham allegedly dated Scottish singer Tallia Storm in 2014. And although Brooklyn denied the claims during an Instagram live, Storm later hit back at him for lying. "You dump me once three years ago, and now you dump me again! Why is he bringing it back up again? It's exhausting," Tallia said. During one of his breakups with Moretz in 2015, Beckham also initiated a relationship with French actress Sonia Ben Ammar.  

One of Brooklyn's many well-known relationships includes his brief, yet serious romance with Sofia Richie. Although the pair's dating bliss lasted only a few months, the two were reportedly smitten with each other. In 2016, Beckham was linked with personal trainer Afton McKeith-Magaziner, who was heartbroken after their breakup. "I'm better off without him. I'm fine," then-teenage Magaziner told a publication. 

Brooklyn's relationship history includes Madison Beer, Rita Ora, and more.  SOURCE: Instagram 

The young Beckham famously romanced singer Madison Beer in 2017 but the spark fizzled out within a month as a long-distance relationship was a no for Madison. "I can't do long distance," Beer said when asked why she and Beckham broke up. Brooklyn's list of flings doesn't end here. He was linked with Rita Ora, who's ten years his senior, in 2017. He had brief dalliances with Lexi Wood, Lexy Panterra, and Hana Cross- all in 2018, before Brooklyn met Nicola Peltz in 2019.  

Inside Brooklyn Beckham's Marriage with Nicola Peltz!  

After years of fooling around and leaving young girls jilted, Brooklyn found his match when he met Nicola Peltz, an actress and the daughter of billionaire businessman Nelson Peltz, at a Halloween party in 2019. The duo started dating eventually and by January 2020, they were already Instagram official. Fans were just getting comfortable with the pair's gushy posts on Instagram when Brooklyn and Nicola revealed they were engaged.   

Brooklyn started dating Nicola Peltz in 2019.  SOURCE: Instagram

"You've made me the luckiest girl in the world," Peltz wrote in an Instagram post in July 2020. She added, "I can't wait to spend the rest of my life by your side. Your love is the most precious gift." Brooklyn not only announced his commitment to the actress but also alluded to starting a family with her. "I promise to be the best husband and the best daddy one day. I love you baby xx," Brooklyn wrote in a post.  

After a whirlwind romance and engagement, Beckham and Peltz's wedding plans were halted by the unprecedented pandemic. "We've been engaged for a year and if Covid wasn't a thing we'd have liked to have been married already," Brooklyn explained. The twosome eventually tied the knot in a star-studded, lavish- reported to be worth $3 million ceremony in April 2022.  

Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz tied the knot in April 2022.  SOURCE: Instagram

Eight months after the Beckham heir and Peltz heiress's wedding, a drama has unfolded that reveals the drama behind their nuptials. Peltz's father has filed a lawsuit against his daughter's event planners Nicole Braghin and Arianna Grijalba, who allegedly denied him the $159,000 that he gave in a deposit. The planners recently responded with a countersuit, demanding more than $50,000 from the Peltz family in damages and "making difficult demands on short notice and communicating poorly."  

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