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Meet Cassandra Ablack - Sister Of Actor Rebecca Ablack & Raymond Ablack

Updated On 01 Apr, 2021 Published On 01 Apr, 2021
Meet Cassandra Ablack - Sister Of Actor Rebecca Ablack & Raymond Ablack

The Ablacks are not the average siblings you want to mess with. And, among them, one is the award-winning skater, the one and only, Cassandra Ablack.

Cassandra Ablack - A Skating Champ

The beautiful and talented Cassandra Ablack is a Canadian award-winning skater. Unlike her siblings who are actors, Cassandra Ablack is a skater by profession. And, Cassandra is not just a random skater, but a renowned skating figure in Canada.

Canadian award-winning skater and fitness trainer, Cassandra Ablack. SOURCE: Flexafit

Needless to say, Cassandra began skating since she was a child of only ten years. But, not only is Cassandra a skating champion, but also a fitness trainer. As a matter of fact, Ablack works for Flexafit, a fitness company that provides special training for athletes.

Ablack, moreover, serves the position of Group Fitness Instructor for Flexafit. Likewise, before Flexafit, Ablack served for Figure Skating Boutique. Needless to mention, Cassandra is proud of every achievement she has accomplished.

In addition to the skater's achievements, Ablack is the Hall of Fame Inductee at the Skate Canada Western Ontario Section (WOS). The World Bronze medalist is also a fourth-time Canadian National Champion.

Cassandra Ablack's Actor Siblings

Since Cassandra Ablack is not the only star of her brethren, her other family members are also equally talented, motivated, and popular. There is indeed something about the Ablack genes, to say the least.

Cassandra Ablack's siblings, Raymond Ablack and Rebecca Ablack. SOURCE: Instagram

And, Cassandra is the sister of actor Raymond Ablack and Rebecca Ablack. Cassandra's brother Raymond is best known for his roles in Ginny and Georgia, Degrassi, Teenagers, Shadowhunters, Acquainted, Buffaloed, Nurses, and Orphan Black among others.

As for Ablack's sister, Rebecca joined the movie industry in her mid-teen years and has appeared on projects that include Ginny & Georgia where she co-starred her brother, Kim's Convenience, Let It Snow, Hello, It's Me, The Beacons of Gondor, and The Jon Dore Television Show, to name a few.

But, Cassandra is the only one who is not involved in the entertainment industry. In addition, Cassandra, Raymond, and Rebbeca also have a younger brother named Jared Ablack.

Ethnicity Of Cassandra Ablack

Skater and fitness trainer, Cassandra Ablack has spent her whole life in Canada where she was born and raised. And, unsurprisingly, Cassandra also holds Canadian citizenship. But, what's her ethnicity?

Cassandra Ablack is of Indo-Guyanese origin. SOURCE: Instagram

Well, Cassandra and the rest of the siblings are of Indo-Guyanese origin. Cassandra's ancestors moved to Canada from Guyana which lies on the North Atlantic coast of South America.

And, while growing up in Canada, Cassandra attended Seneca College in Toronto but has been based in Scarborough
Toronto now. Other than that, Cassandra Ablack keeps her private life including her love life and boyfriend details closer to her vest.

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