As the YouTube business grows bigger and better, we come across a lot of stars who made an impact on our day to day to lives. Charles Gitnick is not only famous for his channel but also for the message he gives through his art.

The teenage boy has a major following on his social media accounts and his artwork garnered him many adult fans as well. The actor seems rather focused on his career for now and not dating anyone or is he? Let's find out.

Charles Gitnick-Focused on Career, not dating anyone

The internet personality is only 15-years-old so, having a girlfriend is the least important thing on his to-do list right now. This decision of his broke the heart of many teenage girls.

Charles Gitnick is currently focused on his career and not dating anyone, Source: Pinterest

To be honest, he is cute, talented, and not to mention, a human being who is well aware of the world's problem and trying to make a difference. Wow!...Talk about being multi-talented.

No wonder, girls go crazy over him. If you recently came across this guy, then you should definitely follow him on his social media platform. 

Charles performing at an event in New York City along with his pal Joey Birlem.


Happy birthday to my best pal @joeybirlem ! Love ya homie

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He usually updates his fans on social media on a regular basis. 

It's been often said, an artistic person is the most imaginative persons in the whole world and they are the one who can make a big difference. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci or Wiliam Shakespeare.

Charles Gitnick-Famous for his Art Work

Now moving towards his career, he started creating artwork at the age of 5. His parents noticed his talent and enrolled him a local art school.

He is famous for his gun arts, In the picture-His Gun art displaying in a New York exhibition,  Source: NY Daily News

But he later quit the school and started working on his own. But his interest was always something different which even led him to quit his career for few days.

You see, his work is generally related to guns. He was creating a lot of 3-D Gun arts which led him to believe that people would think he is promoting guns.

Charles sells his arts all around the world, Source: NY Daily News

But in the end, everyone ended up liking the picture. His inspiration came when he realized he can only express his feelings through this art.

And now his work is all over the world, from Switzerland, Colombia, and other countries. One can only imagine, how a teenage boy from Los Angeles, wants to give a message through his gun art.

Quick facts about Charles Gitnick


  • Born on April 3, 2002, in Los Angeles, CA.
  • His parents raised him in a Catholic household.
  • He is the second child of his mother and father.
  • His brother is a basketball player and plays for his middle school team.
  • He began painting at the age of 5.
  • One of his father's friend bought his painting for 100 dollars.
  • He is active on Instagram,, Snapchat, and Twitter.
  • He recently went on the Weekend Bush Tour along with Aaron Melloul and Duhitzmark.

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