One of the Chinese actors, Donnie Yen, has made a name for himself in the Hollywood purely from his acting and martial arts skills. Though there are several other Chinese actors who had already established themselves, Donnie sure isn't far behind. 

Speaking of his married life, despite his first marriage ended in not so good terms, second marriage might have done the trick for the 54-year-old actor. 

Donnie Yen-Married To Wife For 14-Years; Father Of Two Children

Donnie Yen, himself is a big actor of not just the Chinese entertainment world but also of the Hollywood. And his wife, Cecilia Wang, isn't your ordinary woman as she is a former Toronto beauty queen.

Donnie Yen and his wife, Cecilia Wang
Source: Today Online

Though how the couple met for the first time is still a bis mystery, they didn't take much time to tie the knot. According to reports, the duo tied the knot, in 2003, after going on dates for a mere three months.

Well, they say decisions taken in haste tend to fall apart rather quickly but contrary to the popular belief, it is yet to fall apart for the pair as they are going strong for around 15-years. 

Talking about why they took the decision of tying the knot so soon, she said in an interview, 

"But I just felt like, wow, this guy is really honest. So even though we dated for a short time before he proposed, I just knew it was right because I felt like I wanted to see him every day."

Although she was never aware of him as she grew up in Toronto, Canada so she had no idea regarding his background. Their marriage life is like a fairy tale as still, they love each other like they are new girlfriend and boyfriend. 

Last year on August 30, 2017, Donnie shared a picture with his wife marking their 14th wedding anniversary. 

Donnie congratulating his wife at their 14th Wedding Anniversary

The couple is a proud parent of two children, a boy, James, 10, and, a girl, Jasmine, 14. His wife also paid tribute to him during the Father's Day as she considers him the best father for her children. 

Now many of you might be wondering what's the secret behind their strong bond. According to Donnie, you gotta give control to your wife. He said in an interview, 

 "It's all about 'happy wife, happy life. I think it's important that men be more tolerant, so I listen to my wife. Besides, she always makes the better and more thoughtful decisions for our family, so I trust her completely."

There you go guys, next time before you take a big decision, try to ask your partner first and maybe your relationship will be as blissful as theirs. 

Donnie Yen's Previous Marriage With Former Advertising Executive 

Donnie's current marriage is his second marriage as he was previously married to his own Advertising Executive, Leung Zing Ci The couple tied their nuptial knot in 1993.

Donnie is a father of three children, Two from Cissy Wang and one from his former wife
Source: Yahoo

They met through their professional career. After knowing one another for some time they exchanged vows. At that time Donnie was an upcoming star in the entertainment world and was climbing the stairs of fame. 

The duo is also a parent of one son named Jeff. He is now 22-year-old. Their marriage lasted for only two years as they got divorced in 1995. Many tabloids claim it was his busy career which led to their divorce but we beg to differ. 

Still, he is quite happy with his second wife and we truly wish they stay like this forever. 

Donnie Yen: Quick Facts

Source: Hot 106.1 FM 
  • Born on July 27, 1963 (age 54 years), in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China.
  • He is the son of Bow-sim Mark and Klyster Yen. 
  • His mother was a martial artist whereas father an editor. 
  • His family moved to Hong Kong when he was 2 and then to the US at the age of 11. 
  • He dropped out of school to focus more on Wushu. 
  • His parents taught him to play piano and is quite well versed in Hip-Hop dancing. 
  • His net worth is $40 million.