Home Article Is Conan Gray Dating? Does He Have a Girlfriend? Or Is He Gay?

Is Conan Gray Dating? Does He Have a Girlfriend? Or Is He Gay?

Updated On 04 Oct, 2023 Published On 27 Apr, 2021
Is Conan Gray Dating? Does He Have a Girlfriend? Or Is He Gay?

Singer and influencer Conan Gray is probably one of the successful online artists who made it big out there. He's gotten millions of fans across the globe. But, is Gray dating anyone?

Conan Gray's Love Life - Girlfriend & Sexuality

Singer Conan Gray grew popular after he started posting videos of his songs and vlogs online on YouTube. And, with the rising popularity of his music, he finally made it big when he was approached and signed by Republic Records in 2018.

Conan Gray was nineteen and still didn't have had his first kiss. SOURCE: Instagram

Following that, Gray has been making hit singles such as Heather and Maniac which went platinum in Australia. No wonder, Gray grabbed the attention of millions of girls on an international level.

But, is Gray dating anyone? Does he have a girlfriend? To say the least, any girl would be lucky to have Gray as her boyfriend, but not everyone would be lucky to have that. But, to break the good news for his fans, Gray is currently single right now and remains reluctant to comment on his love life.

During a candid interview in 2022, the Maniac singer disclosed that he has never experienced dating anyone throughout his life. This straightforward revelation certainly addresses any inquiries about his relationship status. However, it leaves us in suspense regarding whether he is currently involved with someone romantically. But it seems he does not have a girlfriend yet and is single. 

Check out the clip of Conan Gray singing various songs! 

Not to mention, Gray revealed in an interview that he was yet to have his first kiss. On the other hand, Gray has also been rumored to be gay. But, Conan who often makes bisexual jokes and tweets had not confirmed being a heterosexual.

But, then since he hasn't confirmed anything himself about his sexuality yet, fans often become confused because of his dressing choices. Then again, Gray's songs are usually about women. But, the day won't be too far once Gray finally gets a romantic partner that will make things perspective clearer.

Meanwhile, Conan has been closer to fellow teenage pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo since 2020. Conan and Rodrigo were photographed many times publicly by the paparazzi. But, it seemed like Conan and Olivia were only just friends.

There is no doubt that there are many girls out there who would love to be his girlfriend but Conan seems to do just fine being single. 

More To Conan Gray - Was Bullied In School

Conan Gray is half Caucasian from his Irish father's side and half Japanese from his mother's side. And, for his racial identity, Gray has been a victim of bullies while growing up at the schools he attended.

American actor Conan Gray is half white and Japanese. SOURCE: Instagram

Not to mention, Gray changed schools more than five times as he moved to different places 13 times since his father was a military man. As a child, Gray also lived in Japan when his grandfather was sick and needed health care.

But, Gray moved to California in 2017 to attend UCLA from Texas where he spent his teenage years. Besides, Gray's parents were divorced and split when he was only three years old.

In addition to his family background, Conan has an elder sister named Alyssa Gray and two maternal half-siblings, a sister named Meghan, and a brother named Josh.

Conan Gray has a sister named Alyssa and two half-siblings named Josh and Meghan. SOURCE: Twitter

Gray, likewise, is also close friends with Grammy-winning singer Billie Eilish and regards Taylor Swift as his biggest influencer. Swift, on the other hand, has praised Gray's work and music.

Conan Gray's Astronomy Becomes A Hit

Following his success in music, Conan Gray continued to give his fans more surprises with new music in 2021. Well, in May 2021, Gray released a heartbreak song titled Astronomy which he described as about two lovers falling apart.

Check out the clip of Conan Gray's music video Astronomy! 

However, it's not known whether the breakup song is about one of Gray's failed relationships. Astronomy along with its touchy lyrics was loved by the fans as it reached 5 million YouTube views in nearly three months. Likewise, Gray also released other songs including 'People Watching' and 'Overdrive' which received well praise.

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