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Memories Of Sir David Attenborough & His Wife Jane Oriel

Updated On 11 Oct, 2020 Published On 11 Oct, 2020
Memories Of Sir David Attenborough & His Wife Jane Oriel

An internationally famous UK national treasure, Sir David Attenborough, has lived a life that many dreams for. While he is notable for his contribution to Science, Biodiversity, History and whatnot, many know him very well. But, not many know about his personal life. And, here's what you can know.

David Attenborough Was Married To Jane Oriel

For someone who lived through the second world war, it wouldn't be unfair to concern David Attenborough as a guy who has seen and lived through enough. And, both of his professional and personal life also witnessed ups and downs.

David Attenborough and his beloved wife, Jane Oriel in 1950. SOURCE: Pinterest

But, thanks to his wife, for truly making David worth it to live through the good and bad terms of their life together. David, likewise, did a great job to build a beautiful home for his wife, Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth Oriel. The couple was also blessed with a lovely family.

Well, David and his beloved wife Jane Oriel dated back in the late forties before they walked down the aisle in 1950. They held a Christian wedding ceremony for their special day. Then young David looked stunning in suit and pants as so did his bride in a white modest bridal gown.

Mr and Mrs Attenborough remained married for a wonderful 47 years filled with so many great memories. Unfortunately, Jane was the first to leave David as she said goodbye to her family in 1997 at aged 70.

David Attenborough's Wife Death

Losing someone so close to your heart will bring hard times to anyone. And, to lose your significant half, be it wife or a husband, the pain is definitely unbearable. And, David Attenborough lost his wife twenty-three years ago in 1997.

Jane Oriel was diagnosed by the deadly illness called brain haemorrhage that adversely affects the brain, a type of stroke that causes bleeding around it. David's wife indeed became such a big victim of the illness that she went to coma in her final days.

David Attenborough with his wife Jane and children Robert and Susan Attenborough. SOURCE: Daily Mail

And, during the time as Jane fought for her life unconsciously at her bed, Attenborough was in New Zealand to film the documentary, The Life of Birds. But, upon hearing his wife's health condition has worsened, he immediately came back home in London.

Luckily enough, Attenborough reached home on time to spend precious time with his wife during her last breaths. The Attenborough family was heartbroken to say goodbye to Jane.

On the other hand, David had no choice to move on and completed filming The Life of Birds. Matter of fact, he also credits the documentary for helping him cope with the loss of his wife.

And, not to let it go, David then continued living at his London home he bought and lived with his wife until her death. The same house where Attenborough and Oriel raised their two children.

David Attenborough - Father Of Two

Throughout the forty-seven years of David Attenborough spent with his wife, Jane Oriel, the husband and wife, were blessed to start their own family. Luckily, God blessed them with a son and a daughter both.

David and Jane became proud parents of son Robert Attenborough and a daughter named Susan Attenborough. It's also safe to mention, both of their children were highly inspired by their father's deed.

David Attenborough shows an animal to son Robert Attenborough. SOURCE: Pinterest

Speaking of which, Robert is a lecturer for ANU, an Australian University in Canberra for the bioanthropology students. David's daughter has also worked as a teacher. In fact, Susan already served as a headmistress for a primary school in the UK.

On the other hand, due to his busy schedule with work that involved travelling, David has guilt that he wasn't able to spend much of his time with his kids during Robert and Susan's childhood. But, to look at the bright side, David and his kids share many fond memories such as him buying his then eight years old son a Salamander.

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