Home Article DeStorm Power; American YouTuber is Happily Dating his Girlfriend and also a son. Find out who is she?

DeStorm Power; American YouTuber is Happily Dating his Girlfriend and also a son. Find out who is she?

Updated On 06 Jun, 2017 Published On 06 Jun, 2017
DeStorm Power; American YouTuber is Happily Dating his Girlfriend and also a son. Find out who is she?

DeStorm Power is an American YouTube star and is very happy with his girlfriend and a son. He has still not revealed the identity of his soulmate.

American Youtube personality and musician DeStorm Power is living a wonderful life with his girlfriend since a very long time.

The couple is also blessed with a son named Tayvion Power, born in the year 2001. The couple is together for many years and people are speculating that they might get married soon.

So, the news true? let us find out!!!! 

Long-term Relationship of DeStorm Power with his Girlfriend

DeStorm and his partner have been together for very long. DeStorm usually don't speak relating his love and he has not yet disclosed the identity of his girlfriend.

The couple is blessed with a son named Tayvion Power on 13 January 2001.

Handsome DeStorm Power in a photo shoot, Source: Pinterest

But has posted a video of Laine Valenzuela on Facebook and Twitter which created a great buzz in media. 

Both of the posts has a caption 'this is my wife' but is DeStorm is a married guy?  


I posted this pic simply to have 3 in a row like those clean looking pages be doing. ?? my page be messy!

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The posts were most probably intended to focus on the comic tagline of the video itself.

As the Youtube star has not yet opened his mouth on the matter, we can just say that DeStorm is still dating the mystery lady till now. 



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As per a source, Power once said that he is still very young to commence his married life. Hence, we have to still wait to know all the facts of his love life in depth.

Here is an interview of DeStorm and King Bach on The View: 

Quick Facts About DeStorm Power

  • Born on 30 January 1982 in Arlington County, Virginia.
  • Previously, was an intern and ghostwriter at Atlantic Records, Universal, and several others.
  • Got a break in his career using Youtube as the platform to explore his talent under the username DeStorm.
  • Has more than 1.7 million subscribers and his videos has been viewed over 200 million times.
  • He has well maintained himself as a singer, songwriter, and producer.
  • Is a skillful triple jumper and Master personal trainer; was also invited to the Olympic Trials.
  • Worked with several YouTube personalities like Mystery Guitar Man, Ray William Johnson, Nice Peter, Freddie Wong, and Kina Grannis.
  • Rap-Up is one of the most renowned series in his channel which started in 2009.
  • Was a finalist in a commercial contest hosted by Heinz Ketchup.
  • After his grand success on his official channel, he declared that his next major song will be released on MTV.
  • Started making videos on the Vine social network since 2013 in collaboration with other Vine stars Eric Dunn and King Bach.
  • Some of his official hits are Champion, My Grind, Hold That Pose, Love All The Way, See Me Standing, and much more.
  • Since 9 April 2017, he started a series named Caught on Instagram and Youtube.
  • Won American Music Awards in 2011 and YouTube Music Awards in 2013.
  • Has a net worth of $2.5 million as of 2017.

Well, as DeStorm has yet not commenced his marital life, we are eagerly waiting to know the identity of the lucky lady. We wish the couple all the very best for their bright future in days to come. 

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