Lauren Simonetti is a reporter currently working on Fox Business Network as a meteorologist. Lauren is currently married to Mark Cubrilo and the couple has one child together. Lauren has never been involved in any other relationships prior to her marriage with Mark Cubrilo.

Lauren was born in Rossville, California to Janet and Raymond Simonetti. She married Mark Cubrilo after meeting him for the first time while working on Fox Business Network. Mark is a satellite and field engineer in Fox News Channel in Manhattan.   

Current Marriage with Mark Cubrilo

Mark Cubrilo and Lauren got married on October 1, 2011. The couple met during Lauren's show and they were virtually inseparable. Lauren has been never involved in any other relationship as she was always focused on her career. She

Lauren has been never involved in any other relationship as she was always focused on her career. She got graduated while scoring the highest number in her entire school. 

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The number she scored does show how dedicated and focused she was. Lauren and Mark are really happy together as they often upload their picture together on Lauren's social media account. And what is more that the couple has one child between them. 

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Their daughter is like a little doll. She is just so cute like her mother. The family spends fun time together as they are often spotted hanging out together or playing some games with each other.



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The small but happy family looks so cute with each other. It seems that Lauren was waiting for the right one to come knock her doorstep and Mark did knock her door as they are just so good together.


Happy Halloween from me and my little elephant !!!

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Sometimes the little elephant is often spotted with her mother and they look just adorable.

What does this relationship hold for Lauren

Well according to us we think that this relationship of Lauren and her sweet little family will go all the way. At the very least they do not have irreconcilable differences between them and they are raising their child with good care.


How cute is our show! Fabulous? I'll try! #FBNAM

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Mark and Lauren are currently residing in Manhattan, New York and is currently working at Fox Business Network and she is best known for her hot pair of legs for which she is famous all over the internet.

Their daughter is now more than 6 months old and at the time when Lauren was pregnant with her baby daughter, FOX news even commemorate a show for her.

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She is now happy with her life and why not, as she has the best family ever. We pray for her daughter's and her families good health in the future.

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