Home Article Does 'Trailer Park Boys' Cast, Robb Wells Have a Wife or He is Yet to Find His Soulmate

Does 'Trailer Park Boys' Cast, Robb Wells Have a Wife or He is Yet to Find His Soulmate

Updated On 05 Jun, 2019 Published On 05 Jun, 2019
Does 'Trailer Park Boys' Cast, Robb Wells Have a Wife or He is Yet to Find His Soulmate

Famous from 'Trailer Park Boys' Robb Wells is super secretive about his private life. It is still confusing if he's married or dating, only assumptions can be made.

Comedian star Robb Wells is skyrocketing his career with consistent performance in his major projects. But what about his personal life epecially about his dating life and relationship which always a mystery among his fans. So, today in this article we tried to find out his current relationship status and more about his personal life. 

Is 'Trailer Park Boys' Cast Robb Wells Married?

'Jackhammer' actor Robb Wells is quite secretive about his intimate life and prefers to talk less about his relationship status. He is single as of now as he's not linked to any girl. 

Comedian Robb Wells.

The 48-years-old actor is famous for his performance in movies rather than in his personal life. Although he holds a good fan base, he just hesitates to share his regular life with the fans. With over 100 thousand followers in his Twitter, he's more often seen sharing every aspect of his life but not love life.

Robb Wells is a Canadian actor.

Wells is said to be married but there's no confirmation about it. Media has zero information about his wife or girlfriend if there is any. With such secrecy, what should fans suppose of his relationship status? 

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Having played part in over 30 Hollywood projects, he manages to keep his private life to himself. He deserves some credit for that, but what about his fans who look up to him regularly? Well, he prioritizes secrecy and has managed it so far.

Robb Wells Career And Net Worth; How Much Does He Earn?

'Beat Down' actor Rob Wells didn't have easy entry to the industry as he gradually got recognized after his own effort. With the career he has made from the beginning, he now makes some handsome net worth.

Wells first filmed a short comedy video with John Paul Trembley in 1998, at the time when they were both running a chain of pizza restaurants. The short film was 'Last Shot' which featured veteran John Dunsworth.

Rob Wells and his co-stars from 'Trailer Park Boys'.

His career's major turn around was his second short movie 'Trailer Park Boys' which featured Jeanne Harrison, Mike Smith, Lucy Decoutere, and few others. While filming it, they made a deal to make a TV series of the movie. The main character from the series is him, Tremblay, and Dunsworth.

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Apart from 'Trailer Park Boys', his major contribution includes 'Hobo With A Shotgun', 'Beat Down', 'Race Dicks', 'Relative Happiness', and so on. He has earned a name in the industry as a comedian and as a co-founder of Swearnet.com.

Robb Wells in a scene from a movie 'Hobo With A Shotgun'.
SOURCE: movie buzzers

Wells makes a great income from his performances in movies and series. His total net worth as of 2019 is $2.5 million most of which comes from 'Trailer Park Boys' and his share in swearnet.com

Robb Wells: Quick Facts

Canadian born actor Robb Wells.
  • Born on March 20, 1971, in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada and moved to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
  • He stands a height of 6 foot or 1.85 m and a weight of 211 lbs or 96 kg.
  • His zodiac sign is Pisces.
  • His net worth is $2.5 million.

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