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Don Swayze; A Loving Husband and a Caring Father, Know His Married Life With Wife Charlene Lindstrom

Updated On 25 Jan, 2024 Published On 21 Feb, 2017
Don Swayze; A Loving Husband and a Caring Father, Know His Married Life With Wife Charlene Lindstrom

The entire country mourned at the death of this outstanding star. On his interview with Walters, he had vowed to fight back his cancer and wanted a miracle to happen. He quoted: "I'm keeping my heart and my soul and my spirit open to miracles."

Only once in a blue moon, we encounter people who give up their everything for their family and loved ones.

In this materialistic world, nobody dares to sacrifice their career, assets, and stardom and for the Hollywood stars to do something like this, it's a matter of greatness and selfless act.

Today we'll talk about a beautiful soul, who not only took care of his entire family along with seven beautiful kids but also kept aside his career and stardom to save his sick brother.

He is one of the most brilliant actors in the industry, showing his remarkable acting skills in hundreds of A-list series and soap operas.

Don Swayze, the loving brother of late actor Patrick Swayze, has experienced all the hardships in his life, and his perseverance and devotion in taking care of his family and career have made him an inspiration and beacon of hope to all of us.

Standing by his side, through every thick and thin, his lovely and graceful wife Charlene Swayze's life story is equally heart-wrenching and motivational, and now she's taking care of a beautiful family, her own business and living a life, not less than a fairy tale.  

Don Swayze happily married to second wife Charlene Lindstrom

In the"Days of Our Lives" and "The Young and the Restless", famous actor Don has finally found the love of his life.

After going through the tough cancer battle for his beloved brother actor Patrick Swayze and the loss of his loving mother Patsy Swayze, Don's life has taken a new turn, towards happiness and blissfulness.

Don Swayze with his wife Charlene Lindstrom. Source: Facebook

Sources reported that Don tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Charlene Lindstrom Lehman back in 2014, June 26

The couple quietly wed organizing a private ceremony amidst close friends and families.

Charlene Lindstrom cycling with his wife Charlene Lindstrom. Source: Facebook

The news became public when one of the family members posted it online. The powerhouse couple is extremely happy together and has been inseparable ever since.

This perfect couple does everything together and is often seen posting cute pictures together on their social media page. Check them out!

Charlene Lindstrom spending time with his wife Charlene Lindstrom.

Charlene Lindstrom Swayze's Memoir: An Inspirational Story

The gorgeous and amazing wife of Don, Charlene Swayze is a self-established entrepreneur and a successful philanthropist.

She currently works for a Day Non-profit company, Recreational USA established back in 1978. The company rescues horses that are in a poor state of condition, providing full care and urgent facility of veterinary.

Don Swayze's wife Charlene Lindstrom with their pet dog. Source: Instagram

In addition to this, the company also organizes different programs for special needs as well as well-able people.

Charlene has two horses that she rescued herself which are her favorites too, named Zuri (Unicorn) and Milkshake.

 Charlene is on her horse ranch with her daughter KC.


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 Charlene with her favorite horse Zuri


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As an outsider, we see her life as perfect and happy, doing good deeds with a beautiful family by her side. It's a dream come true.

But it was not the same before and she has struggled with every blood and bone to get this far.

Charlene has been married twice, before Don. She first tied the knot during her 20s with her boyfriend Mike Lindstrom.

Our sources report that her first marriage involved severe physical and mental abuse, as well as domestic violence.

When the abuse was more than enough, Charlene divorced her first husband and was left with two beautiful daughters Leah and Erin to raise by herself.

She did everything to raise her daughters, get them to good schools, and keep the family strong and united.

Eventually, she met her second husband during the 1990s. Both were madly in love and both were so eager to start a family together.

Her second husband, Ken Lehman, had two daughters, Krista and Noel from his first wife. Ken and Charlene did everything to meet the demands of the family.

Charlene with her husband Ken Lehman and their daughters

Source: Instagram

Life seemed hard yet happy until one day, the worst happened. Ken was diagnosed with a brain tumor. At that same time, Charlene was heavily pregnant with twins.

Charlene, solely took care of four girls, paid all the medical expenses of her husband's treatment, and also gave birth to her adorable twins, Jazmin and KC.

Not only that, one of the twins, KC, was diagnosed with brain damage after her birth, which created havoc in Charlene's life.

Unfortunately, Ken died due to failure in treatment in September of 1996. Now, Charlene had to raise six daughters all by herself with no support and an unstable source of income.

Charlene with her non-profit company, dancing classes, teaching gymnastics, and doing odd jobs, took care of the entire family single-handedly.

Now, all the daughters have grown up to be beautiful young women and Charlene is proud of them.

Charlene's daughter Jazmin Lehman

Source: Facebook

Leah, Erin, and Jazmin, all have tied knots happily. Charlene also has a grandson named "Micah" from her daughter Jazmin.

Charlene's Daughter Erin and her son

Charlene with daughter Leah Lehman

Charlene's special daughter KC lives with Charlene and she takes care of her well. They go on fun trips and adventures often.

Source: Facebook


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With her loving husband, Don, by her side, she's finally got all she ever wanted. She's a brave, hardcore, and splendid woman and she deserves a bow from all of us!

Don Swayze's single fatherhood and his brother's tragic ending

Before being wedlock to Charlene, Don was married to model and actress Marcia Swayze in December 1985.

Their first encounter was favored by their career as both were working hard to make their way up in Hollywood.

After eight long years of being together, the couple, unfortunately, decided to part ways and got divorced in 1993.

Don and Marcia together have a daughter, Danielle Swayze who was born in 1998. After the divorce, Don became the primary physical custody parent and raised beautiful Danielle all by himself.

Don with daughter Danielle

Sources reported that Danielle during her early years had drinking and substance abuse problems that caused her to drift away from her family, mostly her father, Don.

According to DailyMail.co.uk, Danielle secretly tied the knot with a Neo-Nazi man named Joshua Steever back in November 2011 where she didn't invite any of the family members, not even Don.

Source: Daily Mail

However, this marriage saw its end when Danielle dumped her Neo-Nazi husband and got on with her life.

As for now, Danielle has fought back all her abuse problems and she has a very good relationship with her father and her new mother Charlene.

Source: Facebook

This is not it. Danielle, after her divorce, has moved on and she's in a relationship with her handsome boyfriend Ben Miller. Ben works as a Campaign Manager/ Creative Designer at Auto Expo Great Neck in Austin, Texas.


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Back in 2009, Don's look-alike beloved brother, who is also the famous 1987 "Dirty Dancing", movie star, Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Patrick Swayze in the movie "Dirty Dancing"


At the time he was signed up to play the lead in a US cop drama called The Beast. Instead of quitting the Ghost star determinedly worked 12-hour days, getting five hours of sleep a night - while undergoing grueling chemotherapy sessions on the weekends.

Don Swayze(Left) with brother Patrick Swayze (Right)


Source: Lifeandstylemag

Don and his entire family were appalled and devastated by this news. The beloved brother of Patrick, Don took a break from his movies and did everything to take care of his brother.

Even during his last breath, Don and Patrick's wife were there by his side when he died at his ranch on the outskirts of Los Angeles on September 14, 2009.

Don and Patrick Swayze with their mother Patsy Swayze

Don Swayze at an event. Source: Ramweborg

The entire country mourned the death of this outstanding star. In his interview with Walters, he had vowed to fight back his cancer and wanted a miracle to happen.

He quoted: "I'm keeping my heart and my soul and my spirit open to miracles."

Here's a video of Patrick Swayze's Wife Lisa Niemi & Brother Donny Swayze Speaking With Larry King, Must Watch!

And now, after such hard times and a straining past, both Don and Charlene have moved on pretty well with their lives and are happier than ever. We wish the couple and their family to have a lifetime of happiness and togetherness.

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