Home Article Is Dori Sakurada Dating Anyone? Learn Japanese Actor's Girlfriend, Relationship, Affair & More

Is Dori Sakurada Dating Anyone? Learn Japanese Actor's Girlfriend, Relationship, Affair & More

Updated On 10 Jan, 2021 Published On 10 Jan, 2021
Is Dori Sakurada Dating Anyone? Learn Japanese Actor's Girlfriend, Relationship, Affair & More

It must have hurt when Dori Sakurada fell from heaven on earth. The Japanese actor who played Suguru Niragi on Alice in Borderland is caught up in the hype of international recognition and fame. And, what most of his fans want to track about Dori is his personal life. So, is Sakunrada dating anyone?

Love Life Of Dori Sakurada - Girlfriend Details

Imagine being good at acting as the Japanese actor Dori Sakurada who has been gaining his much deserving clouts after Netflix dropped Alice in Borderland where he portrayed the character of Suguru Niragi so well, alongside co-stars Aya Asahina and Tao Tsuchiya.

Alice in Borderland actor Dori Sakurada. SOURCE: Dori Sakurada Instagram

Also imagine dating Dori Sakurada who is ever so handsome and attractive with his East Asian features, tall height, and figure. But, of course, that's something we can only ever dream of. But, is there any special woman in Sakurada's life? Is the Japanese artist single or in a relationship?

First things first, like any Japanese celebrities, Dori Sakurada keeps his private life affairs as secretive as possible. Sakurada rarely talks about his personal life matter to the public and also even seldom mentions it on social media. If fans notices, his Instagram is just a perfect picture of his profession and work.

Well, it looks like the currently 29 years old actor is either super busy and focus on his career, or either that his work is preventing Dori from finding his potential partner. Needless to say, Sakurada seemingly has his priority sorted out and it's absolutely not to get into a relationship at the moment.

Other than that, Sakurada has rarely been romantically linked to women or any actresses. And, the actor makes sure to neither deny nor confirm the gossips as he doesn't wish to entertain the tabloids. But, when Dori does find his true soulmate, we will definitely let his fans know.

Background Of Dori Sakurada - Family & Facts

Dori Sakurada grew passionate about acting from an early age, and when he was a fifth-grader, he got his first taste of official dancing training. And, ever since that, he has been hooked up with the art of performing.

Japanese actor Dori Sakurada hails from Tokyo. SOURCE: Drama Wiki Fandom

As a matter of fact, Sakurada continued learning acting and performing on stage even while he was still pursuing his studies. And, finally, in 2005, he made his first TV appearance on Ruri's Island. And, clearly, his career was only getting off at the time.

Apart from Ruri's Island and Alice in Borderland, Sakurada is also known for Samurai High School, Mathematics Girl's High School, Private Bakaleya High School, Atelier, Good Morning Call, Coffee & Vanilla, and Back Street Girls: Gokudols among others.

Sakurada who is often called the doppelganger of Kpop singer Suga also made his appearances on teh Music Videos of Tsubasa wa Iranai and Gingham Check by AKB48, and Winter Love Story by JYONGRI. Dori is a Tokyo native where his parents raised him.

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