The dedicated, talented, and exceptional reporter, who has put his life on the line to report all the latest news to his audiences. We're talking about none other than, Eric Shawn.

The veteran journalist is so focused on his career, that he never involves his personal life with professional life. So today, let's try to know more about his personal life and be up close and personal with the reporter.

Eric Shawn-Keeping his Marriage Secret

If there's any reporter who is faithful to his work as well as his personal life, then it's none it's none other than Eric. The 60-years-old journalist generally doesn't talk about his marriage life.

Eric keeps his personal life low profile and never shares anything regarding it, Source: RSS

There are many celebrities who like to keep their personal life a big secret. The reporter is usually too busy with his career and that may also be the reason for keeping his personal life behind closed doors.

But despite his attempt of hiding his marriage, we gathered all the information. He married his long-term girlfriend, Camilla Shawn, many years ago. 

The pair exchanged vows in front of few of their closest friends and parents. 

It's been over a decade since their marriage but the journalist never revealed anything about his wife to anyone. The pair looks like enjoying a beautiful marriage as Eric never stated any problem in his conjugal.


Eric is currently married to Camilla, In the picture, the pair attending a wedding in New York, Source: New York Social Diary

So for now, there's no news of divorce between them. If there was any, then we would've known about it. 

Eric Shawn-Share Any Children with Wife

It's been over a decade since the pair exchanged vows so it's only natural that they share children with them. But wait, we can't jump to conclusions yet without proper proof.

Eric shares one child with his wife, a baby boy

According to our reliable sources, the pair one child, a boy. Just like his personal life, it seems he is hiding information regarding his children as well.

The name of his son is not out in the open yet, but when the time comes, you know where you'll find reliable information. 

Our intense research helped us to scour information about his child. Eric resides in New York city along with his wife.

Quik facts about Eric Shawn


  • Born on March 12, 1957 (age 60), in New York City, New York, United States.
  • He graduated from Georgetown University.
  • He majored in Urban Studies.
  • He joined the Fox News network in 1996.
  • During the 1990s, he used to work underground during the Iraq war.
  • He also provided coverage for 1992, 1996, and 2004 Presidential election.
  • He also covered the 9/11 incident.
  • He also covered O.J Simpson murder, The Gulf War, and Unabomber arrest.
  • He is currently hosting Sunday morning edition along with Arthel Neville.

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