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Ernie Haase Married His Band Member's Daughter

Published On 19 Jan, 2020
Ernie Haase Married His Band Member's Daughter

On a beautiful day of 8th December 1990, the veteran gospel singer, Ernie Haase said 'I Do' to his long-time partner and wife, Lisa Younce. And, nearly thirty years later today, the faithful husband and wife are still going stronger and ever in love.

As a matter of fact, it was love at first sight for Haase who met his then-future wife through his mentor, also his father-in-law.

How Did Ernie Haase & His Wife Lisa Younce Meet?

Well, you see, Ernie Haase's father's in law, the deceased George Younce, bass vocalist for The Cathedrals Quartet sort of played a vital part in uniting these two. Even more precisely, the then-young and aspiring Ernie used to be a student of Younce who discovered his mind-blowing talents after he saw him perform at a musical event.

Young Ernie Haase and Lisa Younce in love. SOURCE: Ernie Haase Instagram

Extremely impressed by Haase's singing, Mr. Younce didn't want to miss out on such talents and offered him to be a part of his band, right away. Of course, the then-young Ernie wasn't going to miss out on such once in a lifetime opportunity and happily accepted the offer. If only he knew, the deal was going to change his life forever.

More than a teacher and student with bandmates relationship, their love for music and faith brought Haase and Younce even closer. And, not long after that, George invited Ernie at his home to share a meal together with his family. And, that was the beginning of Ernie and Lisa's relationship.

Haase & Younce Courted Before Their Wedding

And, as George introduced his family to Ernie, he became weak on his knees as he laid his eyes on Lisa for the first time. And, a few meetings and date later, Haase knew he was in love and sure that Lisa was the girl of his dream.

Father in law and mentor, George Younce who shaped Ernie's life. SOURCE: Ernie Haase Instagram

But, to be in love with his mentor's daughter, Ernie couldn't help but questioned himself over his morals. Ernie, however, also knew his intentions were pure and not lying on the bad lines. And, not long after Ernie and Lisa shared their love and feelings for each other, it was time for the Newburgh-born to make the move.

As you see, both Haase and Younce are strictly Christian. And, before he wanted to take things further with Lisa, the couple bravely yet anxiously talked to George about their relationship in an utmost earnest manner.

As surprised as Mr. Younce was, he was delighted to hear the news. After all, who would have known Ernie more than George himself? Younce was fully aware of the kind of man he was and knew his daughter would be safe and happy in his hands for the rest of her life.

Long story short, Ernie and Lisa began their courtship period a while after and happily wed in the same year they met.

The Couple Shares No Children Of Their Own

Almost three decades later, Ernie and his wife led a successful and ideal married life to many of their fans. But, as they say, even the candles carry a circle of darkness with them, things weren't always sunshine and rainbows for the Haases either.

Ernie Haase and his wife, Lisa Younce married in December 1990. SOURCE: Ernie Haase Instagram

Sadly, for unknown reasons, Lisa could never bear a child and feel the taste of motherhood. It's also said that the void of not having a child of their own can be understood in Ernie's life and music. But, that didn't mean he didn't love the presence of his nephew and niece in his life who filled that void. Ernie, in fact, even wrote and performed lullaby for his precious nephew and niece.

On the greater perspective, what matters is that these two love birds are still going stronger and together to this day. Not to mention, even in his mid-fifties, the musician is still rocking the mic and touring the world with his band, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound.

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