Home Article Is Felice Schachter Married? Zappedi Actress Shares A Child With A mysterious Man

Is Felice Schachter Married? Zappedi Actress Shares A Child With A mysterious Man

Updated On 24 May, 2023 Published On 12 Jan, 2021
Is Felice Schachter Married? Zappedi Actress Shares A Child With A mysterious Man

Once upon a time, Felice Schachter was a common household name TV fans were aware of. However, she is not that well known today. Interestingly, while some people crave fame and attention, Schachter ignored them to live in her comfort zone away from the spotlight. But, where on earth is she today?

Did Felice Schachter Marry & Settle Down?

It's been almost three decades since the last time the fans saw Felice Schachter on their screen. And, one of her last works is remembered as Kim on the CBS sitcom, E/R. But, by the end of the eighties, Schachter changed her mind and stopped acting.

Actress Felice Schachter retired from acting in the late eighties. SOURCE: Filmi Feed

Fans also still remember Schachter who went MIA for her role as Bernadette on Zapped! After all, she was one beauty and talent. And, although her disappearance from the movie industry is missed a lot, Schachter is happy to have embarked on another journey.

Many might believe that the actress retired from acting to marry and focus on starting a family. However, that's far from the case. As Schachter keeps her personal life as lowkey as possible and makes sure the prying eyes of the media never get the sight of her life, it's kind of difficult to follow up on her updates.

Not to mention, Schachter also doesn't use social media much and has an inactive Facebook account. And, while, it's not known if Felice is married or not, the actress is known to be a mother of a son named William, her only child who was born in October 2005.

Retired actress Felice Schachter poses with her son, William. SOURCE: Go Jimmy Go

But, of course, the identity of the father of Felice's child is also a mystery as the actress has no interest to share any intimate details with the public. Whatsoever, Schachter is happy to live a low-key life of a mother in New York.

Felice Schachter's Background & Movie Career

Former actress Felice Schachter didn't have a struggling life growing up as her father was a real estate developer and accountant while her mother was a Theatrical manager. And, with the connection and the influence of her parents, Felice became popular and started earning at just four months.

New York native Felice Schacter bagged opportunities at just four months old. SOURCE: Go Jimmy Go

From working for brands in the likes of Pamper to Jordache Jeans to Ivory Snow to other hundreds of TV Commercials, Schachter was certain she was meant for Hollywood and soon began modeling as a teenager and take acting classes.

And, in 1976, Schachter finally got her first TV role on The Adams Chronicles which was followed by a short film called Just Posing, Diff'rent Strokes, The Facts of Life, Alice, and E/R, to name a few.

But, in the late eighties, Schachter decided to study film directing at Brown University and later began working as a director and producer on works such as JAG, The Twilight of the GoldsLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit, 30 Years to Life where she also acted as a waitress, Anne B. Real, Magic Island and High Tide among others.

Today, Schachter works as an acting teacher and guide and rarely works as a producer or an actor. Hopefully, fans will see her make a comeback again soon.

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