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AHS Actor Finn Wittrock & Wife Sarah Roberts Has A Son

Updated On 28 Aug, 2021 Published On 02 Oct, 2020
AHS Actor Finn Wittrock & Wife Sarah Roberts Has A Son

Any woman who watched Finn Wittrock on their TV screen truly falls for him, not just for his look, but his talent and then personality. Unfortunately, Mr. Wittrock, however, is off the market. And, what do we know about his wife?

Finn Wittrock Married To Wife Sarah Roberts

Actor Finn Wittrock shares a blissful married life with his long-term lover turned wife, Sarah Roberts. Finn and Wittrock have indeed been together for over a decade since they reportedly fell in love at the prestigious acting institute of The Juilliard School.

Funnily, after Wittrock was accepted to join the Juilliard, he declined to study acting in the hope to find a job for screen roles in Los Angeles. But, as he failed, he later applied again for Juilliard. But, lucky guy, Wittrock was once again accepted at The Juilliard School.

Finn Wittrock wed his girlfriend Sarah Roberts in 2014. SOURCE: Pinterest

And, if Wittrock didn't go back to the school, he would have probably never met his then-future wife. But, doesn't the world work in mysterious ways? After dating for several ways, Wittrock decided to jump into the next big step of their relationship and asked Roberts to marry him.

The couple eventually became engaged before they happily walked down the aisle in 2014. Also, since Finn prefers to keep his private space lowkey, the bride and groom held their marital ceremony secretly.

Every year on 18th October, the American Horror Story star and his beloved wife celebrate their wedding anniversary and in 2020, the long-term husband and wife will also mark their 6th anniversary.

Wittrock & Roberts Welcomed Their First Child In 2019

After five years of their wedding ceremony, Finn Wittrock and his wife Sara Roberts became successful to start their own family as the Massachusetts-born actor became a father for the first time.

Finn Wittrock and his wife Sarah Roberts have a son named Jude Wittrock. SOURCE: US Magazine

Their first child, a son named Jude Wittrock was born in 2019 on the auspicious day of the month of March, one of the happiest days for both Finn and Sarah. Then, a couple of months later in June, Finn also celebrated his first Father's Day.

Finn and his wife are very strict about revealing the identity and pictures of their baby boy in public and on social media. However, Finn often takes his wife to public events such as awards shows, red carpets, and movie premiers.

Seven years later since Wittrock and Roberts exchanged the vows of their life, Wittrock and his beloved wife are still going stronger without any marital issues. But, of course, Wittrock and Roberts keep their marriage and relationship as secretive as possible. And, that is probably one of the secrets to to their happy marriage.

Finn Wittrock Grew Up In Chicago & Boston

Actor Finn Wittrock who was recently seen in Netflix's new series, Ratched, and his parents originally hailed from Boston, Massachusetts but later moved to Chicago and then to Los Angeles where Finn was educated and grew up with a younger brother named Dylan Wittrock.

Finn Wittrock is from Boston. SOURCE: Pop Sugar

In fact, it was from his father, Peter L. Wittrock, Sr., Finn was inspired to join the movie industry. His father was also an actor who worked at the Shakespeare & Company where Finn often visited and learned about acting.

Thus, he joined the acting school of Julliard and later graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts in the year 2008. Today, Finn alongside his family resides in Los Angeles.

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