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Who Is Fran Lebowitz's Partner? Author Considers Herself A Lesbian

Updated On 15 Feb, 2021 Published On 15 Feb, 2021
Who Is Fran Lebowitz's Partner? Author Considers Herself A Lesbian

After Netflix premiered Pretend It’s a City in early 2021, fans were able to dig in more about Fran Lebowitz and what she particularly thought of New York City. But, what do we know about Lebowitz asides from what we watched in the documentary?

Fran Lebowitz Claims Being A Horrible Girlfriend

One of America's iconic and celebrated public speakers and authors, Fran Lebowitz has been opened about her sexuality since day one. The New Jersey-born and raised who later moved to New York in her teenage years, in fact, knew she was a lesbian since her pre-teen days.

The longest Fran Lebowitz had been in a relationship was for three years. SOURCE: Pinterest

An avid reader since her childhood, Lebowitz had questioned why she had to be one while also being sure that there were other lesbian women like her. But, now in her seventies, Lebowitz has never been married to anyone or romantically linked to someone popular to the public.

The author of Metropolitan Life had been in relationships before though. But, the romance could never be turned into something serious as marriage. Maybe it's because Lebowitz was a horrible girlfriend to her partners, as claimed by herself.

Most of her relationships didn't last for the long term too, except for one which lasted for three years. In her 2016 interview with Francesco Clemente, Lebowitz said,

"I could not possibly be in a relationship now for more than six days. When I was younger, I might have said six months, although I think the longest relationship I was ever in was three years. But what I can’t be is monogamous."

And nothing much has changed today either. Lebowitz, today, keeps her romantic life closer to her vest as much as she can.

Fran Lebowitz Was Expelled From School - Author's Background & Family

Passionate about reading but, horrible at Maths and Algebra, author Fran Lebowitz has quite fondly childhood to remember and laugh about for the rest of her life. And, one memory is definitely the time when she was expelled by her school at the Wilson School for her surliness behavior.

Young Fran Lebowitz. SOURCE: Charly Franklin

Lebowitz's parents Ruth Lebowitz and Harold Lebowitz who owned Furniture shops then sent their daughter to live with her grandparents who had retired and moved to the town recently. Fran's father and mother, however, didn't tell her grandparents about her expulsion.

Ruth and Harold even sent Fran to live with her uncle. But, after she turned eighteen, Lebowitz moved to New York and started living on her own in an apartment with other female roommates by working as a waitress, cleaning lady, chauffeur, erotic writer, and a taxi driver.

Lebowitz, in addition, has been an atheist since she was seven years old but attended Sunday Church until she was the age of 16. She also considers herself to be Jewish for the cultural identity.

Fran Lebowitz was raised in New Jersey but it was New York that created her. SOURCE: Pinterest

The author of Mr. Chas and Lisa Sue Meet the Pandas was heavily inspired by poet and writer James Baldwin, and was a close friend of renowned writer and professor, Chloe Anthony Wofford Morrison.

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