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Get To Know Freja Willink - Daughter Of Veteran Jocko Willink & Graduate Of UC Berkeley

Updated On 04 Aug, 2023 Published On 19 Jan, 2021
Get To Know Freja Willink - Daughter Of Veteran Jocko Willink & Graduate Of UC Berkeley

Jocko Willink's children are not your average kids, Each one is a unique talent and accomplished one. And, one is none other than Freja Willink, the eldest child and the daughter of the retired veteran and his wife, Helen Willink. And, here's what you need to know about her.

Freja Willink - Graduate Of UC Berkeley

Like her father, Jocko Willink, a responsible man and citizen of America, daughter Freja Willink too has retained some of her dad's best qualities. Although Freja didn't opt to be in the limelight, there was no point in hiding from public attention due to her dad's significant service to the country.

Freja Willink graduated from Point Loma High School. SOURCE: Instagram

Helen, however, didn't follow in the footsteps of her father to serve the country as a military woman. But, there's no denying how her father left a big influence and support to let his daughter become whatever she wants. And, so, Fejra became an independent woman who is on her path of discovering and achieving more.

The California native attended the University of California, Berkeley where she graduates with a degree in Political Economy with Inequality and Development in 2021. And, like her siblings, Willink also attended Point Loma High School in 2017.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Willink worked in the customer service department for ten months at the Studio Experience Team, a yoga teaching center, from July 2019 to April 2020. Freja also interned as Academic Intern for CS10: "The Beauty and Joy of Computing from August 2018 - May 2019 and Consumer Customer Development Intern, Neutrogena from June 2018 - January 2019.

The beautiful Freja Willink, daughter of Navy officer Jocko Willink. SOURCE: Instagram

Willink also volunteered for the Youth Program Volunteer from September - Jan 2020. Besides, the ambitious woman has also often been active in her college with extra curriculums. Speaking of which, she has participated in Berkeley's Entrepreneurship and Training Bootcamp.

Freja Willink Grew Up With Three Siblings - Rana & Thor

As Freja Willink is not the only child of her parents; Jocko Willink and Helen Willink, she has two younger siblings as the eldest child. Well, Freja is blessed to have gotten two younger sisters and a younger brother as the best gifts from her parents.

Freja Willink who attended UC, Berkeley pictured with her family. SOURCE: Instagram

The younger sister of Freja is none other than the future potent wrestler, Rana Willink who has already won medals as a young wrestler by representing her school. And, her younger brother is the young handsome lad, Thor Willink.

Freja also has another younger sister in her early teenage years whose name isn't disclosed to the public yet. All of the Willink kids went to Point Loma School. As for Freja's sister Rana, she graduated from Point Loma in 2019.

And, unlike her sister Rana who is dating her boyfriend named Mikey Curtis, Freja is currently single, as of January 2021.

More To Freja Willink's Family Background

While Freja Willink is on the path to making her legacy in this world, let's dig into finding out more about her roots and family. Her father, that is, of course, Jocko Willink, is one of the honorary retired military men who has served as a US naval officer in the middle east, specifically in Iraq where he guided and looked after his team.

Freja Willink's parents, father Jocko and mother Helen Willink. SOURCE: Instagram

Since his retirement, the US Navy SEALS officer who earned the position of  Lieutenant Commander has published his books to establish himself as an author and writes about wars and his army experience. He also runs his podcast show called Jocko Podcast.

Since we're here, let's not forget about the matriarch of the Willink family, Helen Willink who today works as a homemaker while supporting her children and husband. However, back in the day, Freja's mother was a flight attendant who later resigned from her job to dedicate her time to her family.

Helen, in addition, also carries English ancestry but resides in California with her family of five where Freja and her siblings were born and raised. 

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