Home Article What To Know Of Promising Rising Wrestler Rana Willink?

What To Know Of Promising Rising Wrestler Rana Willink?

Updated On 19 Jan, 2021 Published On 28 Dec, 2020
What To Know Of Promising Rising Wrestler Rana Willink?

Rana Willink got it from her father, Jocko Willink, a retired Navy officer who served in Iraq. And, with the spirit of Jocko, Willink is on the path to make her father proud.

Who Is Rana Willink?

Rana Willink, the daughter of retired Navy officer Jocko Willink, is an aspiring wrestler who has already competed in numerous games and won prizes. Like father like daughter, Willink undoubtedly has the strong influence of her supportive dad.

Aspiring wrestler, Rana Willink with her sister, Freja Willink. SOURCE: Freja Willink Instagram

But, while her connection with her father certainly gave her popularity, the aspiring future wrestler mainly rose to prominence from a young age with her own achievements as an athlete.

And, her hard work is what made her the first female to be chosen from the PLHS for the CIF championship meet where she succeeded to win third place. Her coach, Brian Lamb who considers Willink to be a positive influence at her school stated the school was extremely proud of her.

Lamb also further added Rana was equally devoted and good with her studies with maintaining an average GPA. Willink graduated from Point Loma in June 2019. Her parents were extremely proud of her.

Rana Willink pictured with her family, including her father, Jocko Willink. SOURCE: Freja Willink Instagram

In addition to Willink's family, she grew up with two more siblings as the second eldest child of her parents. She has a little sister and an elder sister named Feja Willink and a little brother named Thor Willink. Rana's mother, Helen Willink is a retired flight attendant

Rana Willink Is Taken By Her Boyfriend Mikey Curtis

The teenager is lucky in love with her one and only sweetheart. Rana Willink is happily dating her boyfriend Mikey Curtis who goes to the University of California, Santa Barbara. The young lovebirds have been going stronger since 2017.

Rana Willink with her father Jocko Willink on the right and boyfriend Mikey Curtis on the left. SOURCE: Rana Willink Instagram

Willink made her relationship with Curtis public in March 2017 when she shared a pic of her man on Instagram. The two have been inseparable right by the time they fell in love. To add, Rana is also not shy to share adorable PDA pictures with her boyfriend on social media.

Above all, the important part is the fact that Mike is highly admired by Rana's parents as he already bagged the approval from Mr. and Mrs. Willink. Rana shared a picture with her boyfriend and father both in March 2019 and captioned writing, "My Boys."

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