One of the prominent playwriters of his generation, 84-year-old English playwriter Alan Bennett is famous for his thriller plays. It isn't long since he has come out as gay and he is quite happy with his relationship. 

He is dating Rupert Thomas. The couple is together for around 25 years. Let's take a look at their personal lives and find out how it all started.    

Alan Bennett-In A Relationship With Rupert Thomas For 25 Years; Secretly Married?     

Alan Bennett became a prominent figure in the film industry from his exceptional writing skills. But the English playwriter kept his personal life hidden from the public.   

It came out as one of the surprising facts when Alan came out as gay. Although he never revealed about his sexuality in the public, his relationship with Rupert revealed everything about it.

Alan Bennett is dating Rupert Thomas for a long time
Source: The Stage

After many years of dating Rubert, he only recently disclosed his relationship with him. His partner of more than 25-year, Rupert is an editor of The World Of Interiors magazine.   

Many sources report the couple first started dating each other in the year 1992. But in the initial phase of their relationship, the duo never mentioned their relationship to anyone, not even to his parents. 

Alan never mentioned his sexuality to his late parents. According to him, he never told about his sexuality because he didn't want to upset his parents and that's why kept his sexuality behind closed doors. 

Back in 2015, during an interview with the Guardian, speaking of why he never mentioned about his sexuality before, he said,

“In my case, coming out about what? Nothing was happening - I might be gay, but I didn't have a partner or anything, so there was no point.”

But he did reveal it, even if it took a long time but he did come out. There were even rumors that he is also married to his boyfriend, Rupert since 2006. 

Well, if the rumors are true then the duo is in a marital relationship for more around 12-years and are quite happy with each other. 

Alan Bennett-Previous Relationship With Girlfriend

Before his current gay relationship, Alan was dating Anne Davies who happened to be his former-housekeeper. They first came to know about each other when he asked her to look after his residence. 

The unlikely bonding soon turned into love. He fell in love with Anne in a matter of two months and their relationship went for a decade. 

Alan Bennett was once dating Anne Davies
Source: Pink News

At the same time, Alan was living together with Rupert. Soon he and Rupert eloped which broke his relationship with Anne. She then moved next door to him and starting growing fond of Rupert. 

But sadly in the year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year 2007. It was later revealed she would only live three-months and tragically she passed away in January 2008. 

Alan Bennett: Quick Facts

Source: The Telegraph
  • Born on May 9, 1934 (age 84 years), in Armley, Leeds, United Kingdom.
  • He went to Exeter College, Oxford. 
  • He wrote books like The Uncommon Reader and Untold Stories.
  • He is famous for his work in Beyond the Fringe.