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Gemma Collins Ditched Vegan Diet For Weight Loss; Why?

Published On 03 Nov, 2019
Gemma Collins Ditched Vegan Diet For Weight Loss; Why?

Whilst people tend to go after veganism or plant-based diet for weight loss, Gemma Collins gave up on it.

Gemma Collins Weight Loss Journey

TOWIE star Gemma Collins has been undeniably looking slimmer on social media and also in her recent public appearance. And it seems as if her weight loss regimens are actually working out for the reality tv star. 

Collin's weight loss journey, however, began a few years back whilst she dated on and off long-term boyfriend, James Argent. To even begin with, whilst the cosmetic queen sort of always looked big since she participated on The Only Way Is Essex, the audience has always seen Gemma in her big size.

Gemma Collins pictured with on and off boyfriend, James Argent. SOURCE: Heart Radio

That's not how things have always been for Collins when it concerns her weight though. Matter of fact, weight gain issue began for Collins in her twenties, as the tv personality flaunted much slimmer and fit body in her teenage years.

And, speaking of her recent shocking weight reduction, not only Collins lose weight but also caused a controversy when it was revealed that she used a skinny jab.

What's A Skinny Jab?

Although Gemma neither confirmed nor denied the news, it's reported that closer sources of the tv star revealed that she has been relying on skinny jab for weight loss purposes. Well, what is it?

Like the other artificial ways to lose weight, a skinny jab is an injection that consists of weight-loss drugs that helps the body from having a large appetite and should be only used by the prescription of doctors.

Gemma Collins relied on skinny jab for weight loss. SOURCE: Skinni Jab

The skinny jab injection which cost £85 per pen in the UK, isn't only beneficial for weight loss purpose but it also helps to balance out diabetes. Matter of fact, the skinny jab was originally created to cure diabetes.

Collins Ditched Vegan Diet

Apart from using the skinny jabs, the Romford-born celebrity also decided to cut off plant-based diets from her plate. It was reportedly revealed that Collins who previously focused on vegan diets started to consume more protein-enriched food like meat including steaks after learning that her body required meat.

Gemma Collins ditched vegan diets to lose weight. SOURCE: Heart Radio

Food and fitness experts also say that the consumption of a protein-based diet that includes eggs, fish, cheese and meat like chicken breasts actually do help people in weight reduction.

Also whilst Gemma is focused to return to Dancing On Ice, the tv star has also been working out hard in the gym. But, weight loss and joining the reality dancing show aren't the only two main reasons behind Gemma's ongoing weight loss journey.

In the meantime, Gemma who lost three stones in recent years and intends to lose three more is on a mission to undergo a boob surgery to reduce the size of her breasts.

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