It's an uncomfortable situation when your ex-husband is on his deathbed. How do you treat the situation? What sort of relationship should you maintain? Gina Sasso had to face this tragic scenario as her former husband Tommy Ford got severely ill and eventually died.

People often wonder if Gina Sasso moved on and is dating someone. Well, we have the answers, including the details her relationship with her former spouse.

Is Gina Sasso Currently Dating Someone?

Since Gina Sasso split from her b now-deceased husband, there are no reports of her dating efforts. She isn't spotted with anyone which could resemble a romantic relationship. Moreover, there are no stories of her dating anyone. Perhaps she preferred to remain low-key.

Gina Sasso with her former husband Tommy Ford
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Meanwhile, Sasso was always better known for being the wife of her more famous ex-spouse. Since parting ways, she remained far away from media. This could be of the reasons her current relationship status is not publicly known.

Although there are non-existent reports of Gina's love life for a few years, it can be guessed she is possibly single. However, until Sasso becomes visible to the media once again - we cannot confirm for sure if she is currently single or in a relationship, albeit it seems far likelier it's the former.

Gina Sasso's Married Life With Tommy Ford

Gina Sasso married Tommy Ford in Las Vegas in April 1997. The wedding took place at the fabulous Rio Hotel and Resort. Apparently, it was love at first sight between the pair when Tommy met Sasso while she was on a business trip in Los Angeles.

Gina Sasso and Tommy Ford during their wedding
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The groomsmen included Martin Lawrence and Carl Anthony Payne II, the co-stars of the TV series Martin which ran for five seasons from 1992 to 1997. The couple's wedding arrived right at the end of the 5 years run of the series. The lovebirds enjoyed their honeymoon in Aruba.

The couple shares two children together, a son and a daughter, named Thomas Ford and Madison Ford, respectively. The pair split after 17 years in September 2014. The reasons for which is still unknown as the pair chose to not reveal publicly.

Post their divorce, it was reported Ford was abusive, both physically and verbally to his partner at the time, Vanessa Simmons. Subsequently, she filed a restraining order against Thomas despite sharing a child.

Gina Sasso's Support For Her Deceased Husband

Sasso was by the side of her ex-husband till his final breath. She informed the media at the time a ruptured aneurysm in his abdomen led to him being on life support. On the day of his death, the news circulated Ford wouldn't make it through the day.

Gina further revealed she was still praying for Ford despite the extremely unlikely scenario of him getting healthier again. Eventually, Ford's family took the decision to take him off life support. The actor passed away on October 12, 2016.

Gina Sasso: Quick Facts


Source: Daily Entertainment News
  • She was born on 13th March 1963 in Kingston, Jamaica.
  • Her birth sign is Pisces.
  • She owns a sales and marketing firm.
  • She lives in Miami, Florida.
  • She is a registered Democrat.