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Meet New Girlfriend Of Kenny Barnes From Love Is Blind; Happily Moved On From Kelly Chase

Updated On 23 Sep, 2020 Published On 23 Mar, 2020
Meet New Girlfriend Of Kenny Barnes From Love Is Blind; Happily Moved On From Kelly Chase

Kenny Barnes had one of the saddest endings on Love Is Blind. But, doesn't the universe work in mysterious ways? And, before we go any further, do allow us to moderately dig in the graves.

Needless to say, life is treating fairly to Kenny Barnes who was one of the participants on the first season of the reality dating show, Love Is Blind produced and streamed by Netflix. And, as fans watched the viral hit show, where single men and women voluntarily took part to find their significant half through blind dates, Kenny, unfortunately, failed to find love, the sole purpose he joined the show.

Of course, Kenny felt a connection with former fiancee, Kelly Chase among the other fourteen women he talked to through the pods' walls. And after building an emotional connection, the two even became engaged just after ten days, that too without ever knowing what they looked like in person.

Kenny Barnes was previously engaged to Kelly Chase whom he met on Love Is Blind. SOURCE: Insider

Three months later of their whirlwind romance at their big day, Kelly, however, rejected Kenny that left a lot of the viewers heartbroken and upset. But, it was later learned that it was actually a mutual decision between the two and the producer edited Kenny's part where he says, 'I don't' at the altar. 

A year and a half later, at the Love Is Bind reunion, Kenny and Kelly spilled everything including how the health coach reached out to Kenny through letters to give their relationship another try but Kenny had ghosted her. Oops!

Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase on the Love Is Blind reunion episode. SOURCE: Collider

The main revelation, however, was the fact that Kenny had moved on and was seeing someone new. But, the entrepreneur reluctantly shared any further details about his new partner until March when he shared a picture that still didn't fully reveal her face. But, here's everything you shall know.

So, Guys, Meet Kenny Barnes's Girlfriend, Alexandra Garrison

Alexandar Garrison is the woman who has been making Kenny Barnes from Love Is Blind happy. Kenny and his new girlfriend began dating a while after he split from Kelly Chase. And, that also explains why he ignored the calls and letter sent by Kelly.

Kenny Barnes from Love Is Blind has been dating new girlfriend Alexandra Garrison. SOURCE: Alexandra Garrison Instagram

As for Kenny's girlfriend, Alexandra is a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, also known as Virginia Tech. The graduate of Poquoson High School also attended the University of Valencia for the international study abroad program where she taught in Spanish.

Meanwhile, Garrison who learned Spanish from Menendez Pelayo International University-Sevilla has been involved with Red Ventures, an e-commerce business that helps brands and companies with online marketing, since 2013.

Current CEO of Red Venture, Alexandra Garrison is dating boyfriend Kenny Barnes from Love Is Blind. SOURCE: Alexandra Garrison Instagram

Based in Charlotte North Carolina, she is the current CEO at the company but started as a Chief of Staff, according to her LinkedIn profile.

And, besides, Kenny only finally introduced Alexandra on his Instagram on 22nd March by sharing a beautiful picture with making sure to tag her this time. The potent future wife of Barnes, however, had been upfront about her affair with Kenny on social media since February.

"Thankful to have had this man by my side for a while." gushed Alex about her man on Instagram. Aw.

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