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Has Tattoo artist Nikki Simpson went under the knife?

Published On 22 Nov, 2019
Has Tattoo artist Nikki Simpson went under the knife?

Everything you need to know about Ink Master alum Nikki Simpson's plastic surgery rumors and truths.

Nikki Simpson Looked Different In Just A Year

As it is said, each coin has two sides. Similarly, celebrity status also has its pros and cons. On the one hand, stars gain the love of millions of fans, but on the other side, every aspect of their life is heavily scrutinized.

The talented tattoo artist Nikki Simpson learned all the facets of being a public figure after becoming part of the reality show "Ink Master."  In 2o16, the Los Angeles native entered the season eight of "Ink Master" as a participant.

Nikki Simpson during Ink Master season eight. SOURCE: Villian Arts

Nikki, who is doing tattooing from the young age of nineteen, impressed the judges, Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez right of the gate. Furthermore, her consistent excellent performance helped her to make a place among fans. 

Sadly, the brown-eyed Nikki Simpson was not able to keep the momentum and lost the series to Ryan Ashley Malarkey.  She left the show in the third position.

Many thought that the finale of season eight was the last of Nikki in the show "Ink Master." However, it was not the case. The producers of the show called her to became the host of the spinoff show "Ink Master: Angels." The show also featured Ryan Asley Malarkey, Kelly Doty, Gia Rose alongside Nikki.

Nikki Simpson in Ink Master: Angels. SOURCE: YouTube

When the trailers of the show released in 2017, fans began to comment about Nikki's changed looks. The transformation in the former contestant sparked plastic surgery rumors.

So, What Are The Differences?

At a glance, there is not much difference between Nikki of 2016 and 2017. However, in the close inspection, they are indeed few changes.

Nikki at age 17 and 27. SOURCE: Nikki Simpson Instagram (@nikkisimpsontattoos)

Nikki, who had a rounder face, now boasted a oval face, which is the second most desirable face shape in cosmetic surgery. Furthermore, her lips look fuller, and her breasts also look different.

Did Simpson Enhanced Her Look By Plastic Surgery?

The New York-based Tattooer Nikki was aware of all the talking about her transformation. Thus, she responded to the comments on Facebook. She stated:

"It’s funny, I get torn apart for the way I look because of one dudes comment that went viral, and when I tried to make myself more attractive I get torn apart even more. It’s a shame what the world can to do a once confident woman, all because people want to feel like their opinion matters no matter what the expense is, even if it’s completely destroying someone’s self-worth."

From Simpson's comment, it looks like she indeed took some medical help to make herself more attractive. However, she is yet to accept that she indeed went under the knife.

Nikki Simpson did breast surgery. SOURCE: Nikki Simpson Facebook(@NikkiSimpson)

The only operation, the brown-eyed beauty has opened about is her breast reduction surgery. In February 2015, she shared a long post on her Facebook, where she said that this morning, she is undergoing surgery to reduce the size of her breasts. 

The reality star explained that she is struggling with back pain because of her work and from the weight of her breasts. She further added that no level of vanity is worth this level of pain. 

Happy With Her Current Body

With time, people grow, and priority changes. It seems like the 28-year-old Nikki also has grown up and is now not affected by the opinions of others. She infact looks pleased with her body and regularly flaunts her fantastic figure on social media accounts.

There are no significant changes on Simpson's body since 2017. Furthermore, there are no plastic surgery rumors since then.

Nikki Simpson is engaged to her long-time boyfriend. SOURCE: Tim Goergen Instagram (@timruins)

At present, Nikki is enjoying a healthy relationship with her fiance musician Tim Georgen and is planning the November wedding.

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