Home Article How does eating healthy affects your physical and mental health? Find out here

How does eating healthy affects your physical and mental health? Find out here

Updated On 25 Jun, 2017 Published On 25 Jun, 2017
How does eating healthy affects your physical and mental health? Find out here

How does eating healthy affects your physical and mental health? Also, see all the steps for making a good healthy lifestyle choice

It couldn't be more rightfully said, 'Health is Wealth.' Because if you're healthy, and think positively then chances of you being successful in life increase profoundly.

A healthy brain is directly linked with what type of food you eat on a daily basis. It's obvious if you eat fast foods on a regular basis, your memory power and physical fitness decrease at a rapid rate.

Today in this topic we're gonna cover how you can stay healthy, both mentally and physically without having to sacrifice your favorite food.

Healthy Lifestyle Leads to Better Choices at Life

Many people google, how to stay healthy and scour the internet in order to find it. The Majority of the people absorb the information from the websites, try to implement the methods in their daily life.

Source: Days to Fitness

But after few days, they end up returning to their normal self and start to devour fried and processed foods. Do you feel tired and sleepy all day?

An Unhealthy Person's Routine at Work Place or College

Your teacher is giving out lectures as he/she shouts his/her lungs out while you try to take a quick little nap. The same thing happens to many people at the office.

Source: Red WigWam

They're trying to focus on work and constantly yawning which in turn leads to no productivity. As soon as the lunch starts, these people would flock to the nearest canteen and order sugar processed and fried foods.

What they don't know is that their own lifestyle choices are hurting their study and career.

An Everyday Routine of an Unhealthy Person

  • An unhealthy person will try to wake up early in the morning but the sugar processed food he ate last night is not letting him wake up so he ended up sleeping late.
  • He woke up late and had to get ready quickly otherwise he won't be winning that employee of the month anytime soon.
  • Hurrying leads to short time for breakfast, which in turn forces him to eat a packed biscuit or easy to cook noodles.
  • At the office, he is yawning all day and at lunch, he eats those fried potato chips along with a big mac.
  • After wrapping up his work, he is heading back home and tired from his activity all day(although he didn't do anything except yawning) he wants to sleep as soon as he reaches home.
  • At dinner, he eats the same old rich in fats, sodium, and not to mention sugar food. And next morning, the routine starts again.

So people, if you belong to this same category then it's about time you wake up or you'll be seeing yourself in a hospital bed.

Effects on your Physical and Mental Health

Now we know that you have tried your utmost best in order to follow a healthy lifestyle but you failed. But to be healthy and remain focused on your goals, you must try to keep your body toxin free.

Before laying out the steps for making healthy lifestyle choices, you must first know the effect of unhealthy foods on your physical and mental health.

Physical Health

Although effects on physical health are fairly obvious to everyone and nowadays everyone knew about it. Some obvious problems are-

Source: Health

Some obvious problems are-

  1. You'll start to feel lazy all day.
  2. Sleeping early and waking up early is a pipe dream.
  3. You'll be more than happy to sleep all day rather than exercise for just 10 minutes.
  4. Your immunity system will weaken further and further which leads to common colds every month.
  5. Long-term effects include obesity, cholesterol which leads to heart attack, arthritis. 

Eating foods like processed read meats, genetically modified foods (which are nowadays found in abundance), Microwave Popcorn, Canned Tomatoes, and Bread, on a regular basis can lead to cancer.

Also see: Foods that Lead to Cancer

Mental Health

Well, Effects on Mental Health is more severe than you thought it would be. Don't think that you can hit the gym and regain top shape despite eating unhealthy as some bad news is coming.


Source: Men's Health

Some drawbacks on mental health include-

  1. You are not focused on your work or studies.
  2. Focusing on negative things more and become a pessimistic person.
  3. Forgetting minor things on a daily basis.
  4. Inferiority complex due to a weak brain.
  5. You'll feel depressed over small things.

These are only a short glimpse of problems you'll face after making unhealthy choices.

But don't panic after reading all these physical and mental problems as we're going to lay the proper precaution you must take so you can regain your top shape once again.

Steps for starting off Healthy Lifestyle

Now we're sure you must be willing to make quick lifestyle choices and want to be in better shape for today and tomorrow. Good, that's the spirit! 


Source: Gorgeous In Grey

1.) Keep your Priorities Straight

Your first step would be to know what you want from your life and what would you want to accomplish after staying healthy. You see, your lifestyle behavior determines your priority.

If you set your priorities straight, then my friend, you're all set for the next step.

2.) Reaffirm your Beliefs in Health

Now somewhere down the line, you must have heard various health related facts which are full of lies and no solid proof. For example, in order to remain healthy, you should not eat the Yolk part of the egg as it contains a high amount of cholesterol.

But the fact is, Yolk contains essential fat and cholesterol for your body which will help boost your immunity. There are various myths like this so try to reaffirm the myths you believe and then proceed.

3.) Creating Strategy

This is probably the most important factor. You are now acknowledging the fact that you're unhealthy and need to make some quick changes in your lifestyle.

It's a good sign as accepting your mistake is a vital part. Now all you need to do is list out all the things you'll be doing in the beginning in order to regain all the valuable proteins and vitamins you lost.

4.) Be Motivated

Without motivation, you won't be able to get pass third step. You should ask yourself, why you need to make these crucial changes.

If you know the reason, then you're good to go. Being motivated by your goal is of utmost necessity because waking up early in the morning is no joke and your motivation will help you get out of bed.

5.) Simple Reward Won't Harm

Now when you're exercising daily and eating healthy, then sometimes indulging in processed and fried foods will not harm you anyway.

So rejoice, as you can eat your favorite foods without worrying about being unhealthy. But don't convert this small reward into a big reward and eat processed food every day as you'll be doing the exact opposite.

Well, after reading this article you learned how your own lifestyle choices will affect your physical and mental health. So next time you think about eating a big mac, try to remember your oath and eat something healthy.

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