Home Article How Old is Hana Hatae? Is the Actress Married? Details here

How Old is Hana Hatae? Is the Actress Married? Details here

Updated On 13 Mar, 2023 Published On 24 Aug, 2022
How Old is Hana Hatae? Is the Actress Married? Details here

Hana Hatae is remembered as a child actress in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: The Next Generation in the role of Molly O'Brien. Hana and her fiance Thomas Olshan engaged a few years back but still have no plans for their wedding.

As its known truth to everyone that true love never dies, this pair is the best case for the saying. The two have a long way to go despite problems in their link-up. Let's learn about the relationship of the couple in today's session.

Hana Hatae's Dating Life with Fiance Thomas Olshan

Hana Hatae and her future husband, Thomas Olshan, have been dating for more than six years, and they are delighted in their relationship. It has been almost two years since the Event Coordinator of Facebook and Hana's engagement, but their marriage ceremony is still far beyond.

Hana Hatae and her fiance Thoms Olshan got engaged in 2020. SOURCE: Instagram(@hanahatae001______)

The lovebirds were first speculated to be dating him after their cozy pictures went viral on social media in  2016. Hana mentioned Thomas as her love, and they celebrated Valentine's Day together.

Further, the pictures from her social media sites suggest that the two are very happy to have each other, and Hatar has shared some photos with Olshan. The couple who have been together for a long time are yet to share their wedding news. 

Hana Hatae and Thoms Olshan are yet to marry. SOURCE: Instagram(@hanahatae001______)

After years of engagement, Hana Hatae and her fiance Thoms Olshan are still counting the days before their wedding. It seems like the lady is excited and stressed out at the same time about the upcoming wedding plans.

Hana Hatae: Her Announcement of Engagement

On November 1, 2020, Hana Hatae made news of her engagement official with a photo on her Instagram account flaunting her engagement ring. The duo dated for over four years before Thomas put a ring on it.

Hana Hatae and her fiance Thoms Olshan have been together for many years. SOURCE: Instagram(@hanahatae001______)

Apart from their love life, the 34-years old actress and Thomas are pretty busy in their respective profession and therefore cannot focus on their marriage as of now. All in all, Hana and Thomas are spotted spending quality moments and are madly in love.

What Does Hana Hatae Do For A Living?

Hana Hatae began her journey in acting as a child actress in the portrayal of Molly O' Brien on the TV series "Star Trek: The Next Generation" at four years old alongside Patrick Stewart, Michael Dorn, and LeVar Burton. She first landed a role as Molly in the episodes of "Rascals" before becoming a regular cast member.

Watch the video of Hana Hatae in an episode of Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares.

Additionally, Hatae took a long hiatus to focus on her personal life. After taking a rest for almost 18 years, Hana came again in the Star Trek franchise and portrayed the character of Ensign O'Riley in "Star Trek: Renegades," the recent one being 'The Circuit' in 2019.

In an episode of Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, when her father's restaurant, Sushi Ko, required Ramsay's help, she made an appearance. Hatae and his brother Samson Hatae helped their father's failing restaurant business and worked as a server.

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