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How To Cure Premature Ejaculation Naturally? Tips and Techniques To Follow.

Updated On 15 Oct, 2017 Published On 15 Oct, 2017
How To Cure Premature Ejaculation Naturally? Tips and Techniques To Follow.

Premature Ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction spotted about 30% of men across the globe regardless of age, ethnicity, or any kind of environmental condition.

Premature Ejaculation or PE is the most common sexual dysfunction spotted in about 30% of men across the globe regardless of age, ethnicity, or any kind of environmental condition.

The condition can be frustrating for both the couple as it occurs before penetration in some cases. 

What is  Premature Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation is a common sexual problem. It's a state of rapid ejaculation occurring from the sexual stimulation.

Source: Sexual Health Blog India

About 30-70% of men in the United States get affected with the cause at some point in their life. Ejaculation can be considered premature when it occurs 30 seconds to about 4 minutes during sex.

Signs and Symptoms 

The major symptom spotted in the condition is the inability to delay ejaculation for more than a minute after penetration.

On the other hand,  PE can occur in all condition; also during masturbation.

It's Types

Premature Ejaculation can be classified into two types:

  • Lifelong (Primary): This type of ejaculation occurs lifelong ever since you begin your first sexual intercourse.
  • Acquired (Secondary): It immerses after you've previous sexual encounters without such problem.


The exact cause of PE is still not known. Previously, scientist thought some psychological cause behind it but now it's been proved that the process involves some interaction between psychological and biological factors.

Some Psychological Factors

  • Sexual Intercourse at an early age
  • Sexual abuse
  • Poor body image
  • Smoking and Drinking
  • Depression
  • Too much worrying about the ejaculatory issue

Some other factors include problems associated with the relationship of couple, anxiety and erectile dysfunction.

Source: Men's Health

Some Biological Factors

  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Abnormal levels of brain chemicals neurotransmitters
  • Inflammation and infection of the prostate or urethra
  • Inherited traits

Natural Remedies To Cure Premature Ejaculation

The following are some of the practical ways that help in the reduction of premature ejaculation without excessive use of medicine or some tedious treatment methods.

1. Strengthen Pelvic Muscle

It is one of the effective methods to prevent premature ejaculation. It is the pelvic muscle that supports and control the penis.

Source: Number One Pill

The muscle gets weaker with the age increasing the issue in an individual. Hence, studies claim that pelvic muscle exercise can be an effective method of treating the cause.

2. Down Tempo

This is the step to slow the time of pelvic thrusting and alter the angle and depth of penetration. This must be done until there's the penis is entirely inside.

3. Pause-Start Method

In this process, one may need to stop thrusting completely during ejaculation to avoid the ejaculatory urgency.

Source: Premature Ejaculation Pills

Pelvic thrusting can, however, be resumed if the feeling of ejaculation decrease. It helps to reduce the sensation to a large extent.

4. Squeeze Technique

In this technique, the penis is withdrawn immediately during the sexual encounter and the head of the penis is squeezed until the sense of ejaculation passes.

Source: Catholic Match

This technique requires sexual break so it requires an understanding sexual partner.

5. Some Medications

  • Take 100 mg of kava before sexual intercourse. It comes in the form of pills and powder that can be brewed into tea. It increases blood circulation in the genital areas and slows down sexual stimulation.
  • Drink a cup of water with about two drops of hibiscus flower. It helps to keep an individual out of stress and elevate romantic sexual feelings. Hence, the problem of erection and ejaculation can be managed.
  • Use graphites 12C two to four time daily. Once the condition becomes stable, you can discontinue the use of it.

Though these techniques are effective, it's compulsory to consult a physician as the condition may require some medical treatment. Let's all remember there's no shame in talking about your sexual health, in fact, we should all talk about it more often!


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