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Irish actress Michelle Fairley secretly Married? Who is Her Husband?

Updated On 28 Jun, 2017 Published On 28 Jun, 2017
Irish actress Michelle Fairley secretly Married? Who is Her Husband?

Game of Thrones actress Michelle Fairley Secretly Married? Who is Her Husband? Also, see her Career and Net Worth

Michelle Fairley, famous for her role as Caitlyn Stark on HBO series Game of Thrones, is a genius in hiding information regarding personal life.

In an interview two years ago, the Irish actress revealed a small information about her boyfriend of 7-years. After hearing that she was in a relationship, raised many eyebrows and people started asking various questions.

Is the couple married or are they separated? Well, let's find out.

Michelle Fairley-Secretly Married?

It's nothing new to hear if any celeb tied the knot with their better half in a secret marriage ceremony. Celebrity these days likes to keep things private and doesn't their marriage life involved with showbiz.


Michelle Fairley became famous after her roles in various big time TV series, Source: Wikia

But as annoying it can be, being in the spotlight is the only way, celebrity becomes a celebrity. But there are those who despite stowing away their personal life, always came into the limelight due to exceptional talent.

Michelle belongs to the latter category. She is not only famous for the critically-acclaimed show Game of Thrones as prior to working as the lead character of the show, the 51-years-old actress made a name for herself in TV series like Suits and 24.

But enough about her professional life, you're here to know about her relationships right? In an interview to the British website, Telegraph, in 2015, she stated about her boyfriend.


Michelle attending the British Academy Awards Gala in Los Angeles, California, Source: Pinterest

She was in a relationship with an unknown guy for seven years. They moved in together and started a living together until they broke-up in 2012.

When you think about it, seven years is a long amount of time and many people even get married after spending this amount of time together.

Dated her boyfriend since 2005 and Broke up in 2012

She was in a relationship with her boyfriend for seven years. They started dating in early 2005 after meeting through mutual friends.

Michelle broke-up with her boyfriend in 2012, Source: Screen Crush

In the same interview, she divulged, 

"My decision to be on my own was my decision. There are times when you have to face the truth, you have to face reality in your life and you either go in with someone or you go, ‘No, I want a change, I need a change. It’s my life’. It was a voice in your head that you can’t not listen to. Though you ignore it for a long time.”

We all know, life can be bit harsh sometimes but Michelle isn't going to sob over a failed relationship over and over again. Currently, the actress is not dating anyone nor married to anyone. 

But she is definitely enjoying her time with her children. Many of you might not know that she is godmother to many children.

Quick facts about Michelle Fairley

  • Born in July 1965, in Coleraine, Northern Ireland
  • Raised by publicans parents Theresa and Brian Fairley.
  • Attended a Roman Catholic grammar school.
  • Member of the Ulster Youth Theatre.
  • Appeared in various British TV series, The Bill, Holby City, and Casualty.
  • Joined Game of Thrones in 2011 and worked until 2013.
  • Joined the cast of Suits in 2013.
  • Won Irish Film and Television Awards in 2013.
  • Her net worth is 3 million dollars.

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