Sofia Boutella, a famous Algerian dancer, and a model have gathered a lot of fans through her talent who are keen to know about her personal life. She is a kind of a woman that every guy would love to date but not all have the privilege of dating such a star.

So, if you want to know who she is currently dating or married to, keep on reading this article. We will also be talking about some of her popular past affairs.

Who Is Sophia Presently Dating?

Well, a girl with such a beauty and talent is obviously admired by many but we hate to break it to you, she already has a boyfriend. Want to know who the lucky guy is?

An awesome dancer, who is also an actress is currently dating Irish actor Robert Sheehan who is famous for Nathan in 'MisFits'.

Sofia Boutella with her boyfriend Robert Sheehan

They reportedly started dating back in 2014. They have a very good chemistry with one another. They attended 2015 'San Luis Obispo International Film Festival' at Fremont Theater together in San Luis Obispo, California.

Sofia Boutella and Robert Sheehan.

Well, it's not sure if the couple is still together because they don’t really share their couple pictures on social sites, neither are they seen going on dates recently.

Sophia Boutella’s Dating Rumor

Sophia has had affairs with popular personalities in the past as well. One of the famous and the most recent affair Sofia had was with famous American actor, Chris Pine. But wait, this was just a rumor. None of the couples announced in public that they were dating, however, they were seen very much like a couple at Coachella music festival.

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Sofia Boutella and Chris Pine spotted together.
Source: Daily Mail

The couple was very much comfortable with one another. But this might be because they’ve been friends for a long time now. They’ve also appeared on screen together in several movies including 'Star Trek Beyond'.

However, the duo hasn’t seen together after that day. But Sofia posted a video of her with Chris on Instagram, captioning,

"With this special special human dear to me at 'Hell Or High Water' London premiere! So proud of him! Great movie great cast fantastic performances! Don't miss it!"

They might either be secretly dating, or they might have already broken up, or well they might just be co-star best friends and visited the concert just as friends.

Sophia Boutella: Quick Facts

  • Sofia Boutella was born on 3rd April 1982 in the Bab El Quad, Algiers.
  • She is the daughter of musician father Safy Boutella and architect mother.
  • She won the 2017 CinemaCon Award for Female Star of Tomorrow.
  • She started practicing classical dance when she was 5.
  • She was the main character in Michel Jackson’s music video, ‘Hollywood Tonight’ (2011).