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Chef Vikas Khanna has not been married yet: Dating rumors with model Padma Lakshmi

Updated On 19 Jan, 2017 Published On 19 Jan, 2017
Chef Vikas Khanna has not been married yet: Dating rumors with model Padma Lakshmi

Khanna was featured in the Top Sexy and Successful list of Anokhi Magazine in their 5th Anniversary Issue. Metro New York featured Khanna as Hottest Chef Around. In Nov ’11, Vikas was featured in the list of Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine.

Born to cook and create a history in culinarians, Vikas Khanna is a world renowned award-winning Indian chef, restaurateur, television personality and a cookbook writer.  

Most of you might know Vikas Khanna as the judge of MasterChef India and Masterchef Junior but we ladies know him as the sexiest chef as People Magazine has named Khanna in the list of Sexiest Men Alive.

Despite his hotness, he has rarely rumored with other ladies and now we want to know whether this talented and sexy chef is already taken or not. Let's find out!

Chef Vikas Khanna is still single

Ladies we have good news for you!

The Michelin-starred Indian Chef, Vikas Khanna is still an eligible bachelor and has not tied knots yet. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Vikas proudly stated that he's a single man but looks forward to having a family one day.

Source: Zemmrate

However, rumors and different gossips of him being engaged to his supposedly long time girlfriend whose identity is still unknown have been swirling up in the media.

Source: Vkhanna.com

But his statement on "The Hindustan Time" clarifies that he's not married but looking forward to it. So, we guess we'll hear wedding bells anytime soon.

Vikas and hot model Padma Lakshmi rumored to be dating

In 2013, New York-based chef Vikas, also known as the "Sexiest Chef Alive",  Vikas was rumored with Indian-born American cookbook author as well as actress and model, Padma Lakshmi.

source: TimesofIndia

The Times of India reported that the two were allegedly dating each other. However, Vikas clearly denied the rumors in a rather confusing way saying how the hell did you guys know!

Source: asiancemagazine

Further, he cleared the confusion stating:

"There is nothing going on. I live in a plane, where's the time for a relationship? Why don't we talk about food, which is my forte? Junior Masterchef is launching on August 17, let's talk about that." 

These rumors eventually faded away and now he has not been linked with any man so far.

Here's a video of The IFN Rapid Fire With Chef Vikas Khanna. Hope you'd enjoy watching!

Well, this 44-year-old charmer has made an incredible journey from his hometown Amritsar to NewYork. His love for cooking has taken him places around the world and has honored him with many national international awards and honorary membership in World Peace Society as well.

We wish Vikas all the success and fame and we can't wait to see him tying knots and settling soon.

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