Home Article Is Chinese-Canadian actor Kris Wu dating someone? Who is his real girlfriend? Find out here

Is Chinese-Canadian actor Kris Wu dating someone? Who is his real girlfriend? Find out here

Updated On 02 Aug, 2019 Published On 18 Apr, 2017
Is Chinese-Canadian actor Kris Wu dating someone? Who is his real girlfriend? Find out here

Good news for you K-Pop fans out there as the hit TV series Meteor Garden is going to get a new reboot. Guess who's in the cast, the one, and only Kris Wu.

The hot Chinese-Canadian former K-Pop band EXO and EXO-M member and actor is now giving his fans a big blast. If you are a new fan of the singer and want to know all about his girlfriends, controversies or whatnot, then you came to the right place.

Today, we're going to tell you all that you wanna know about him, so stay tuned!!!

Kris Wu-Surrounded by Multiple Girls         

You can compare Kris to Justin Bieber, as both of them share one thing in common. Both of them likes to get themselves involved with multiple women.

Cuteness Overload-Kris Wu.
 Source: Soompi

One difference between them would be that Justin doesn't hide his relationships, whereas Kris, on the other hand, likes to keep things a big secret.

Kris never came out openly about his relationship with anyone and that's what makes things more intriguing. Hiding his relationship and then a girl claims him to be her boyfriend.

Justin Bieber-Playboy Celebrity.
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In 2016, a female posted a picture on a Chinese website, Sina. The photos were nothing special except for the fact that it involved Kris.

Kris Sleeping-Photographed by an unknown female.
 Source: All K-Pop

In the photo, Kris is sleeping with the female that posted the picture. The woman also added,

"Kris has stopped contacting me all of a sudden. Shouldn't he at least have said let's break up?"

The female blurred her face.
 Source: All K-Pop

Wow! that some allegations towards him. Kris's agency bounced back and denied all the wild accusations made towards him. They said that it's all a lie and they'll sue the offender.

Kris head scars comparison with that of the picture.
Source: All K-Pop

After carefully re-examining the photos, it was said that the man pictured in the photo isn't Kris but a doppelganger. Many of Kris's scar was not present in the photograph so it seems that allegation was all a blatant lie.

Kris Wu-Real Girlfriend

A girl named Xiao Gna came out in the public about her relationship with Kris. According to her, they met each other in Vancouver and introduced by a mutual friend. Kris then told her about his feelings in January 2016.

Kris and his rumored girlfriend Xiao.
 Source: Hello K-Pop

She revealed various audio and text evidence, to make her allegations more concrete. She also added that she even thought about moving to China, so that she can be close to her boyfriend.

But due to some problems regarding Canada's migration policy, she wasn't able to do it. But distance took its toll on the couple's relationship and Kris started to avoid his girlfriend.

Xiao revealed text conversation between them.
 Source: Hello K-Pop

She tried coming back together with him but it was all futile.

Kris's representatives, however, denied the allegations and said that the star is in no relationship with anyone and all of her evidence is false.

Ideal Type of Girlfriend

In an interview with the Marie Claire website, Kris confessed about the ideal type of girlfriend that he's looking for. He admitted he wants a girlfriend who is kind-hearted and a good person.

Kris during 2016 Menswear Show in Paris.
 Source: Idol Wow

He also added that even if his girlfriend is not the world's beautiful girl, he'll still love her. Well, as of now he's single, on the paper though.

Judging by his past controversies, he's an expert in hiding his personal life, but according to our research, he's 100% single.

Professionally Sound

His professional life is most impressive as he starred in multiple blockbuster movies like XXX-Return of Xander Cage, Mr. Six, and Never Gone. He worked with actors like Vin Diesel, Donnie Yen, and Samuel L. Jackson

Krisa in a still from the movie XXX.
Source: Amino

He's now in the cast of the reboot of the hit TV series Meteor Garden, which will release in 2018. It's confirmed by the series creator Angie Chai.  



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We do hope that he reaches many heights in his showbiz career and becomes one of the most successful actors of his generation. Want to follow all of his recent updates then don't forget to come back and check our website.

Want to follow all of his recent updates then don't forget to come back and check our website.

Quick Facts: Kris Wu

  • Kris Wu was born on 6th November 1990 in China.
  • He is Chinese by nationality.
  • His net worth is around $9 million.
  • The star's height is 6 feet 2 inches.

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