Home Article Is Katherine Whaley Engaged? Who Is His Boyfriend? Know About Her Affairs And Relationship

Is Katherine Whaley Engaged? Who Is His Boyfriend? Know About Her Affairs And Relationship

Published On 06 Dec, 2018
Is Katherine Whaley Engaged? Who Is His Boyfriend? Know About Her Affairs And Relationship

Katherine Whaley is a good looking woman who married with Chris Wadley in 2016. The couple is still together. They haven't had any children since now.

Fame is good, or we could say, best, but it can crush someone's relationship in a snap. Celebrities like Clint Eastwood earned enough fame and enough wealth to buy anything they want, but when it comes to relationships, they fail.

Well, with Katherine Whaley, not to be confused with Katherine Langford, that's not the case. Whaley, a TV journalist, has earned a decent amount of fame and her relationship is better than other celebs. She has a loving husband and loving parents and what more could she ask for.

Is Katherine Whaley's Engaged or Married?

She is currently married to Chris Wadley. Wadley and Whaley first met during an event on Haloween in October 2010.

After their encounter in an event, they started dating soon. From the beginning of 2011, the couple got into each other more than ever. The couple didn't really have ups and downs during their relationship and that encouraged Wadley to propose Whaley four years later, in 2015.

Katherine Waley and Chris Wadley
Source: CultureMap Houston

The couple was on a family vacation to celebrate Whaley's parents' 40th marriage anniversary in Hawaii when Wadley proposed to Whaley. Whaley's parents happily accepted Wadley for their daughter. Soon after that, arrangement for the wedding was made.

After a year, on 30th April of 2016, the couple got married at the St. Paul's Methodist Church. The couple went to Ireland for their honeymoon.

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Current Relationship Status And Children Of Katherine Whaley

W&W make the cutest couple. It would be so unfair if they ever split-up, even for her followers. Thankfully, there hasn't been any news or rumors about any conflict in their relationship. Waley, in fact, shares pictures of her and her husband in social media. It makes us clear that they are still in a healthy relationship.

Katherine and Chris Wadley attending an anniversary
Source: PaperCity Magazine

Even though they are married for more than 2 years now, the couple is yet to become a parent. The mother doesn't seem pregnant as of now and is in perfect shape. Whaley still works for ABC13. The couple is currently spending some quality time in Nashville, according to her recent instagram post. 

Whaley and Wadley are enjoying their date and food. According to various reports, Katherine Whaley loves chocolate more than anything. She also seems to like cats and children. 

Katherine Whaley: Quick Facts 

Source: LCA Houston
  • She was born on November 1st, in Texas, United States. 
  • She was born to Larry and Charlotte Whaley.
  • She graduated from Rice University with a Bachelor of History.
  • She also attended Mississippi State University.

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