Katie McGrath, most recognizable as Morgana on the TV show Merlin, is an Irish actress who has featured in over a dozen different roles in TV Shows as well as movies. She has a growing fanbase ever since she featured as Lena Luthor in Supergirl season two. Majority of her fans appear to be intrigued by the dating life of this talented actress.

This gorgeous Irish beauty tends to keep her relationship to herself. She prefers not to be open about her personal life. However, she did announce some big news towards the end of 2016. If you're curious about what this big news was, you may scroll down below where you can also have an overview of everything related to the dating life of this talented actress.

Is Katie McGrath Currently Single?

There are plenty of men who dream of dating this Irish beauty. Sorry to disappoint you folks, but the answer is No! She is no longer available. In fact, Katie got engaged to her fiancee Colin Morgan on 30th October 2016. They have been dating since 2010 and finally got engaged after 6 years.


Katie McGrath with her fiancee Colin Morgan

Katie and Colin starred together in Merlin (2008). Since their relationship has been going on for so long, they appear to be sweethearts from work who gradually fell in love with each other.  Moreover, their fans adore this relationship of the recently engaged couple.

Furthermore, the fans of this talented couple never shy away from displaying their admiration on social media. Since their engagement, their love story is not a mystery anymore and it is a common belief among fans that both Katie and Colin are lucky to find each other.

Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath EW Interview at San Diego Comic-Con 2012

After getting to know each other better, they eventually began dating and as they say, the rest is history. They are on the verge of marriage and the fans can't wait for this cute couple to tie the knot.

Katie McGrath's Past Affairs

Katie has not been known to be a dating expert, as she had only ever been in a relationship once before. It was a long time back with a much older fellow Irish Actor who goes by the name Jonathan Rhys Meyers. It was only brief as it lasted just a year. The couple was dating around 2007-2008.


Katie McGrath with her ex-boyfriend Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Source: Fanpop

There are no concrete reasoning as to why the former couple broke up. The common assumption is they were incompatible for some reason. Perhaps the difference in age played a part as Jonathan is 6 years older than Katie. Whatever it was, in hindsight they were never destined to be together.

Katie had never dated anyone prior to Meyers. She waited a couple of years before she started dating again. Moreover, she waited years before she got into a committed relationship with her boyfriend for 6 years and current fiancee Colin.

Although it took her years to see Colin as a future husband, she couldn't be happier right now to be engaged with a guy she finds extremely supportive towards both her career and her personal life.

Quick Facts: Katie McGrath


Source: Teen Wolf Fanon

  • Katie McGrath was born on February 21, 1983.
  • She is of Irish nationality.
  • Her parents are Paul and Mary McGrath.
  • She has two brothers named Sean McGrath and Rory McGrath.
  • She is 5'7 (1.66 m) tall.
  • Her body measurement is 36-25-37 inches
  • She graduated from Trinity College.
  • Her net worth is $4 million.