Home Article Moira Stuart, still not Married and is focused on a Career: See her Relationships and Affairs

Moira Stuart, still not Married and is focused on a Career: See her Relationships and Affairs

Updated On 02 Aug, 2017 Published On 31 Jul, 2017
Moira Stuart, still not Married and is focused on a Career: See her Relationships and Affairs

Moira Stuart a British presenter is recently single and is not dating anyone neither is married.

The BBC British presenter, Moria Stuart is one of the first black women to appear on the British television. The 67-year-old presenter has achieved a lot in her life but is still missing something. Till now she is neither married nor dated anyone.

Today let us find out the hidden truth behind her personal life and the reason why is she still not married? So, let us begin!!!!

Moira Stuart, still not Married and is focused on a Career

Moria who is one of the familiar faces of UK is still busy in building her career and professional life rather than her personal life. She is currently single and not involved in any relationships.

Moira is neither married nor dating any one recently. She is at the age when most of the women settle down with their family, husband, and children but she is not like others and that is what makes her special. 


Moira posing for a click, Source: Daily Mail

However, there were rumors that she used to date the British television and radio presenter, Desmond Lynam back in those days but she has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, leaving all of her fans perplexed!


History Of Alcoholism

"Alcoholism: the disease that makes you too selfish to see the havoc you created and care about the people you shattered". Moria was also a victim of alcoholism.

She started drinking since her childhood to till the time when she felt a disturbance in her health condition. She was like an addict and used to consume alcohol on a daily basis.

But now she had quit the alcohol due to a rising problem in her health.

Moira drinking alcohol, Source: Daily Mail

She said:

"I developed problems with alcohol so I just left it alone. They weren't hangovers, migraines- alcohol doesn't do it for me, along with cheese and chocolate. I'm telling you it's been rougher than tough.''

Moria Stuart's Career

Since 1970 Moria started her career and began working for the BBC as a production assistant in Documentaries department.

After that, she appeared as working in both BBC Radio 32 and BBC Radio 4. Moreover, in 1981, she moved to the television news and commence as a news bulletin devised on BBC television.

She also appeared as a judging panel including Royal Television Society, United Nations Association, Amnesty International, Grierson Trust and others.

Not only that, she also appeared in Would I Lie to You? a television comedy panel show.

Quick Facts of Moira Stuart

Moira posing for a picture, Source: Daily Mail
  • Born to Majorie Gordon and Harold Stuart on 2nd September 1949 in the Royal Free Hospital, London.
  • Is of mixed descent as her mother from Dominican and father a Barbadian.
  • Finished her schooling from Our Lady's Convent RC High School, Stamford Hill.
  • Her parents divorced when she was only 10 months.
  • Started career after joining BBC.
  • Became first Britain black TV news reader.
  • Began a career as a radio newsreader in BBC.
  • In 1981, she moved to television from radio.
  • Recently, she is one of the UK's most familiar faces.
  • Awarded the Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2001.
  • Received $2000 per day for working on Radio 2 show by Chris Evans.
  • Was an addict of alcohol and quit after she faces some health problems.

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