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Is Rhiannon Fish Dating? Learn Her Relationship History!

Updated On 02 Oct, 2023 Published On 01 Jun, 2022
Is Rhiannon Fish Dating? Learn Her Relationship History!

Rhiannon Fish is well-known for portraying the role of April Scott for three years on Home and Away, which was a massive hit. Rhiannon was in a relationship with Richard Fish. So what happened to the two? Are they still dating?

The temperature change is real, guys. Even if some people don't believe it, we request you to look at actress Rhiannon Fish so that you will get it. Rhiannon Fish debuted on television starring in Neighbours and landed the role of Rocky in the Australian Disney Channel series As The Bell Rings.

Rhiannon Fish is Still Dating Richard Harmon

On February 24, 2019, actress Rhiannon Fish and his long-term boyfriend Richard Harmon first snapped pictures on Instagram. The 27-Hour Day has had our attention since she began dating fellow actor Richard Harmon.

Rhiannon Fish, Richard Harmon, and Luisa d'Oliveira at Paris, France. SOURCE: Instagram(@richardsharmon)

And since the beginning, Rhiannon and Richard never kept their relationship under the curtain from the public. Although they first met each other around on set in 2015, the duo only started dating one another a few years later after they caught up with each other and eventually became a thing.

Two days before Rhiannon revealed her relationship, Richard posted an adorable picture of them at his sister's wedding. Harmon was comfortable sharing with his fans that he was taken, and recent pictures of him alongside his partner featured him holding a beer bottle.

Did Rhiannon Fish & Richards Harmon Marry?

By the looks of it all, it wouldn't be wrong to call these two a perfect match made in heaven. So, to answer the question, Richard and his beautiful soulmate are still growing stronger.

Richard Harmon and Rhiannon Fish celebrated Valentine's Day. SOURCE: Instagram(@richardsharmon)

Not to miss, the guy is yet to pop the big question to his partner. The powerful actor duo is reportedly not ready to take their relationship to the next level, although their parents seem to have approved of their love affair.

If you didn't know, the Hollywood couple disclosed being in a satisfying relationship only months after dating rumors surfaced and wrapped up filming several films together. Despite their long-term togetherness, the two are not engaged or married.

Rhiannon Fish & Richards Harmon Met on the film set

Rhiannon Fish, Home And Away cast, started seeing The 100 co-star Richard Harmon in June 2019. The lady first met her man Richard Harmon on the set of The 100.

Richard Harmon and Rhiannon Fish have been together for a long time. SOURCE: Instagram(@richardsharmon)

Rhiannon was cast as a recurring character in the show's third season, which premiered in January 2016. The lady played Ontari and starred in 7 episodes in the show's third season.

In the meantime, Harmon had the role of John Murphy and served in the leading role in the same show. The actor's characters debuted in the ninth episode titled Stealing Fire and even shared some romantic on-screen romance. 

Update 2023: Rhiannon Fish is Single These Days!

Rhiannon Fish seems to be savoring the single life. her romance with boyfriend and fellow actor Richard Harmon, known for their work together on The 100 seems no longer present. Her Instagram feed offers no glimpses of romantic entanglements, hinting at her contentment with the solo journey she currently embraces. 

Rhiannon Fish is The Native of Australia 

As time passed, Fish and Harmon shared several photos of them that indicated their romance, including wishing each other's birthday and accompanying each other on red carpets. 

Check out the video of Rhiannon Fish appearing on the show Sweet As Pie.

On Valentine's Day of 2020, Harmon posted a picture of his partner and captioned it with a note," Happy Valentine's Day, Fish, I love you." The in his right hand after going for a short walk or hike.

Before meeting Harmon, Fish had a linkup with co-star Lincoln Lewis between 2010 and 2012. After the split, Rhiannon dated Reece Martin in late 2012.

Unfortunately, the two finally broke up in 2015. After that, the film star switched to Los Angeles to chase her dreams in the showbiz. As of now, Rhiannon and Richard often make red-carpet appearances as a couple. The lovers made their red carpet appearance at the Festival of Television in Monte Carlo, with Richard kissing his girlfriend on the head.

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