Home Article Tyler Scheid is Focused on Career: Still No Rumors of Dating or Having a Girlfriend

Tyler Scheid is Focused on Career: Still No Rumors of Dating or Having a Girlfriend

Updated On 26 Jun, 2019 Published On 07 Jun, 2017
Tyler Scheid is Focused on Career: Still No Rumors of Dating or Having a Girlfriend

Youtuber Tyler Scheid is funny, unpredictable and charming. He's not known as a famous actor or rich businessman, but for his funny YouTube videos that have left all the viewers hooked.

Ladies and gentlemen, he's the rising YouTuber, Tyler Scheid, best known for his appearances in various videos of his friend, the famous YouTuber Markiplier (Mark Fischbach).

The young producer is all set to start his own YouTube Channel soon and with more than 199k followers on Instagram, he's doing great till now. 

So, today we'll dig into all the details about this talented personality. Is he dating someone or still single? Let's find out.

Tyler Scheid Is Still Single And Having A Good Time With Friends

Guys, who need a troublesome relationship when you have a bunch of crazy and super cool friends, who'll never leave you!

Similar is the story of Tyler as he's not dating anyone and still single. Scheid has not revealed much about his personal life and affairs and his social media profile tells us that he's not in a relationship right now.                 

Tyler Scheid is still single
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Tyler spends most of his time with his pals and produces amazing videos with them.

He produced and starred in many hit youtube videos including Markiplier's December Charity Livestream: Toys for Tots (2016), Markiplier Animated: Five Nights at Victoria's Secret (2015) and Five Nights at Victoria's Secret & the Dilnado (2015). 


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He seems to be enjoying life to the fullest and definitely has no time for a girlfriend.

He is best friends with the prominent YouTubers including Mark Fischbach, Wade Barnes. PewDiePie and Joe Sugg. Currently, he works as Manager of Mark's video franchise. 

Tyler is popularly known with nicknames "Stonefaced Tyler" and "One-Word Tyler" and active on Instagram as apocalypto_12.

While people are so eager to know about his dating life and girlfriend, Scheid took Twitter and clarified that he doesn't have a girlfriend.


Well, we are still waiting to see him with his soulmate.

Quick facts about Tyler Scheid

Source: Twitter
  • Born (1989) and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, 29-year-old Tyler Scheid is a producer and manager of popular YouTuber Mark Fischbach.
  • He was born to mother Cindy who's the recipient of two kidney transplants and father Tim.
  • He has an elder brother Jared Scheid.
  • Tyler played water polo and won the state championship. In sophomore year, he played football, but couldn't continue due to his kidney problems.
  • When he was in junior high he too suffered kidney failure and underwent transplant with the donated kidney by his brother at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.
  • Tyler produces videos alongside his friend Mark and features in them too. His YouTube Channel has more than 125k subscribers as of December 2018. 
  • He is also famous for appearing on Markiplier's YouTube channel alongside Wade Barnes.

All in all, we wish this brave and funny Tyler best wishes for his future endeavors and we hope to see him more on YouTube videos.

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